Dream of: 27 September 1995 (2) "No Qualms"

Carolina and I were sitting in a crowded auditorium, listening to a performance. It appeared that most people here were in high school. Carolina was sitting on my left, while another girl whom I didn't know was seated on my right. The other girl resembled the actress Demi Moore. The seating arrangement of the auditorium was somewhat strange, because all the seats in front of us weren't facing forward like ours, but were facing to our right, so we were looking at the sides of the peoples' faces in front of us.

Suddenly everyone stood and began singing a song. I also stood and sang the first few words of the song, but I quickly stopped and simply listened. As the people once again began taking their seats, the people on my right began pushing me so that I was pushed over into Carolina's seat, and she was shoved into the fellow's seat on her left. The fellow then departed. When Carolina sat down, she noticed the fellow had left his billfold in the pocket on the back of the seat in front of her. She pulled out the billfold, and a bunch of coins fell out of it. Somebody said we should stack up the coins, so I began picking up some pennies and stacking them in stacks of ten.

As I did so, I noticed that the girl who looked like Demi Moore had slipped her arm through my right arm. But when I nudged her arm over between my legs, she pulled it away. That made me all the more surprised when she again slipped her hand through my arm, placed her hand right on my penis, and began massaging it. I pulled my jacket over me so Carolina wouldn't see what was going on. Unfortunately I couldn't let the girl continue, for it was time for Carolina and I to leave. I quickly whispered to the girl that she should meet me the next evening at a certain time and at a certain place.

The following evening the girl showed up at the designated time and place. Since she looked so young, and I was uncertain of her age, the first thing I wanted to make sure was that she wasn't underage. I asked her how old she was and she answered, "I'm 13."

Looking at her, I saw that she was only kidding because she was clearly older than 13. She handed me an ID which had her birthdate on it. I looked at the ID. At first I thought it said she had been born in 1949, then I thought it said 1962, and finally I figured out that it said she had been born in December 1970. That meant she was almost 25, which looked about right.

I knew at once that I was going to have an affair with her. She was absolutely gorgeous. I had never had an affair behind Carolina's back, but I had almost no qualms about having this one.

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