Dream of: 27 September 1995 "Cash Settlement"

I asked Carolina if she wanted a divorce from me; I was surprised when she told me she did. We began talking about how we would get the divorce, and how we would divide up the property. She wasn't sure exactly how we would go about it. I suggested that we go ahead and reach an agreement; then we would have the divorce judge sign the agreement to finalize it.

I thought perhaps I would take all the property and give her a cash settlement. Carolina seemed considerate and fair about the whole matter. She said it might be possible for her to simply become my heir. Finally she said she would just take $20,000. I thought that would be very good for me. I wondered if she would stick to the figure. I thought if she talked it over with her mother, Paz, she would probably come back later and say she wanted more. I, of course, was willing to settle for that amount if she were willing. She didn't seem that concerned with how the property should be divided; she simply wanted to get the divorce and get it over with.

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