Dream of: 23 September 1995 "Parking Lot"

I was standing in a parking lot. On one side of the parking lot was a group of about 20 men; on the other side of was a girl probably about 7 years old. The girl was telling the men about something which had happened to her; although what was taking place was a legal process, it wasn't a trial. The girl hollered out that my son had had some kind of sexual contact with her. I heard a boy standing near the men say something and then leave.

I knew the girl had been sleeping next to me in a bed; but I had never touched her inappropriately or even thought of doing so. However it appeared she was telling the truth about my son. I was grateful she wasn't making up any lies about me. I thought that the girl liked me and that she appreciated that I had never tried anything with her. It still worried me that with a lie she could destroy someone's life.

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