Dream of: 20 September 1995 "Reconstituted"

I was looking through a large stack of perhaps 100 copies of a German magazine called "Der Spiegel." I had read articles in many of the magazines, and reflected what an interesting, albeit unusual, education I had derived from them. My mind was full of a fascinating German perspective of the world, a perspective unfamiliar to most people I knew.

As I flipped through the magazines and looked at their colorful covers, I noticed the dates were from the late 1980s, and the latest issues were from 1991. A prevalent theme on the covers was the fall of communism in the Soviet Union.

My father was also in the room, and he asked me to step outside with him. I did so, and looking around, realized I was standing on a street in a city in Russia. All around me I could see buildings which had been damaged by the recent upheavals in Russia. I saw groups of people scattered here and there on the street, and I thought it might be dangerous to walk around, but I wanted to go anyway.

First my father pointed out that my brother Chris was going to go with us. I was surprised to see Chris here since I hadn't seen him in quite a while and was under the impression that he had died. When he appeared at our side, I looked him over as my father explained that Chris had been "reconstituted."

I drew closer to Chris and looked at him more carefully. He only stood about as high as my waist and he was much thinner than he used to be. It was explained to me that he had undergone extensive operations and no longer had muscular dystrophy. In fact he now could possibly live to a ripe old age.

When I looked at him closer, however, I knew something was quite different about him. Glancing at his body, then back at my own, I finally realized what the difference was: from the bottom of his rib cage, where his stomach should have been, to the top of his pelvis, I could see his spinal cord. Looking more closely I saw for a space of about ten centimeters the spinal cord was completely exposed and appeared to be encased in a transparent plastic tube. I also saw smaller tubes and organs which were visible in the chest area. Some of the tubes were held in place by small black magnets.

The whole structure looked rather delicate and I wondered if there was any danger that pieces could come loose. I was assured Chris's body was quite sturdy, although he still might not be able to do some things a normal person could do. If he were careful, however, he should still be able to live a long life.

Nevertheless he would still need some care and attention. I said I would be happy for him to live with me for the rest of my life. I wouldn't consider it a burden at all; I was happy just to see he was alive again. Since I was several years older than Chris, I thought when I was old I might die before him. Therefore we would need to make sure that in his old age he would have a place to live. Since my sister was younger than both of us, perhaps if I died before Chris, she could take care of him in his last years.

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