Dream of: 19 September 1995 (2) "Skinning Baby Pigs"

I was standing outside looking at a rather unsettling scene: a fat peasant woman (probably in her mid 40s) was skinning some baby pigs, each about eight inches long. But most disturbing was seeing the mother pig sitting and watching. The peasant woman said the mother pig didn't mind, and as if to demonstrate this, the woman threw some part of the baby pigs into a tub of water sitting on the ground, and the mother pig ran over to the tub and began eating the pieces.

Disgusted, I walked into a nearby building which at first seemed like a large warehouse; but once I was inside the building, it seemed more like a large barn; some hay was stacked at the back. It was dark inside, but I noticed a small animal the size of a lizard or mouse scurry across the floor. Then I noticed a larger animal, which I was finally able to see was a brown fox with some gray markings.

I walked toward the hay in the back of the barn, thinking the barn must have been abandoned and that various animals had taken up residence here; it was probably a safe place for them. Seeing some movement in the hay, I walked closer to it, and was surprised to see two small Dalmatian puppies. Looking around me I saw three more puppies, and finally saw two large Dalmatians, obviously the parents. I could see the penis on one of the larger dogs and realized it was the father and the other one was the mother.

I looked closer at the puppies, thinking someone I knew might like to have one. However although they were obviously pure-blood Dalmatians, they didn't display good markings. A couple had large patches of black which detracted from their looks.

As I looked at them more closely, I heard someone calling for me back at the entrance. I looked and saw Carolina and another man there. Carolina told me to hurry up because the three of us were going to go to a movie at half past the hour, and it was already twenty-five after.

When I looked toward her I saw that the man had his arm around her shoulders. It didn't really bother me that he had his arm around my wife, but I thought it was impolite for him to be doing it in front of me. Seeing that it was almost half past the hour, I started walking toward them so we could make it to the movie on time.

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