Dream of: 19 September 1995 "Dangerous Curve"

I had been visiting the house of one of my high school friends, perhaps Weinstein or Buckner. As I left the house through the back door, I looked for my white tennis shoes which I had left sitting outside the door. But when I saw them, before I could reach them, someone picked them up and threw them into the forested area beyond the backyard.

In somewhat of a daze, I began walking along a trail which ran along the back of the large brick houses in this suburban residential area so the houses were on my left and the forest was on my right. I had in my mind that I was looking for my tennis shoes, but nevertheless I was walking absentmindedly without really thinking about what I was doing.

Hearing someone call out to me, I turned and saw a boy (probably 11-12 years old) ride up to me on a bicycle. He resembled Randy Taylor (the character played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas on the television series "Home Improvement"). He pointed out that my tennis shoes had been thrown over a steep cliff on my right. Looking down over the cliff and into the gorge, I saw one of the shoes about 15 meters below me, floating on a rushing stream. I also noticed the entire area was covered with snow, and thought the water in the stream must be extremely cold.

The boy pointed out a path which led through the snow down to the turbulent water. Looking down, I noticed that the path was extremely steep, and that it passed under an arch of ice for a short ways. I knew it would be dangerous to go down the path and under the arch.

Still looking at the arch, a thought occurred to me. The boy, still standing nearby, made me think of Chris Zeth. I had been reading dreams which Zeth had been posting on the Internet, and I had noticed something Zeth did with his dreams which I had never seen before. Zeth had taken certain objects or locations which appeared in his dreams and which had special meanings to him, and had given them names. I distinctly recalled he had given one such location the name "Dangerous Curve." I now thought I might use that same technique and give a name to the arch, which seemed to have some special significance to me. I thought I might name it "Devil's ... something or other."

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