Dream of: 15 September 1995 "Stuck In Rio Grande"

I was in Columbus where I had moved into a small apartment in an area which I liked near The Ohio State University. I took a walk and came to a church with a high wall in the courtyard. Just as I was about to walk away from the church, I noticed three Dalmatians. A minister or priest came out, and I asked him how old the dogs were. He said they were several months old. I didn't think they looked that old, and I told him I had a Dalmatian six weeks old (Picasso). I told him I lived nearby and I would be walking the dog here and I would see him later.


I was on a bus, headed for the Gallia County Farm; but I made a mistake and got off the bus in Rio Grande (the small university town about 15 kilometers from the Farm). I could see Rio Grande College on my right. I realized I should have gotten off earlier on Wolf Run Road, the road which led to the Farm. Snow lay on the ground and it was quite cold. I was wearing a gray cap which looked like a pilot's cap. It had a three-button strap which came around my chin and I buttoned all three buttons.

I would have to walk to the Farm through the snow. I looked down at the black shoes I was wearing and thought how I dreaded the long walk through the snow.

Near me was a small store from which a man (probably in his late 60s) emerged. Another man walked into the store and I followed him inside. The man who had just walked into the store apparently worked there. He was thin and rather frail with gray hair. I told him I wanted a candy bar. I picked out a peanut butter Reese cup with two cups in it. Since I thought it cost 50 cents and there would be three cents tax, I told the man I was leaving 53 cents, but he said the candy cost a dollar plus seven cents tax. When I told him I thought it was only 50 cents, he finally agreed, but said there was seven cents tax, so the total would be 57 cents. I complained the tax should only be three or four cents at the most.

The man said he used to have a list of tax amounts taped onto the counter and he began looking for the list. We were only talking about a few pennies, but it was the principal of the matter.

Several other people were sitting in the store at tables. Another man walked in and began talking about himself. He said he was 54 years old and had come to Rio Grande as a lawyer. He was burly and friendly, and as he started to leave, I hollered and asked him if he still practiced law. He said no. I thought if he did, I might get to know him. I hollered out, "I'm a lawyer."

As soon as I had spoken, I realized some people here might think I was just bragging.

Three women (all probably in their 50s) walked into the store. They were all lawyers. I learned that they were all on trial for stealing some money and that they were all going to plead guilty. I didn't understand why they would plead guilty. I had a vision of them at their trial: they were well-dressed and appeared respectable. I didn't understand the details of their case, but apparently they were technically guilty.

I stepped out of the store back outside. It wasn't that cold and I thought I would be able to make it to the Farm. The problem was that so much snow was on the ground.

Across the street stood the white two-story frame house into which the man who was a lawyer had gone when he left the store. I thought I might go over there to see if he could help me find transportation to the Farm. Maybe I could take a cab, but I doubted that any cabs went to the Farm.

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