Dream of: 12 September 1995 "The Occult"

I arrived at a place far out in the country late at night. Piece by piece I began to sort out what was taking place, although it never became perfectly clear. I was in what appeared to be an old barn, and several other men were present with me. I slowly learned that these men were engaged in some kind of experiment to delve into what I would describe as the occult.

They revealed an assortment of instruments which they had brought to this isolated place, and asked me if I could identify anything I saw. As I looked over the pieces, I could tell that these were sophisticated men and that the equipment was expensive. One piece looked like a large television or computer screen on a base. Several other pieces were in plastic boxes, and from their shapes I knew I would have no idea what they were. The only thing that was clear was that all the pieces of equipment were to be fitted together somehow to form a device.

As the men quickly began assembling the device, I realized they were showing me how it fit together. I began to see that I was being initiated into their group and that they realized that although I had little to contribute at the present, that in the future I would contribute much. They themselves, although they had accomplished much in developing their device, were far from completing it.

While they worked, I had the feeling of some presence in the background of some thing or person or force which was an enemy of the men and which sought to harm them.

I suddenly realized the contraption was complete and that indeed we were all in the middle of the experiment. Looking around me, I saw that I was surrounded by darkness, but occasionally there would be flashes of light. Slowly I realized we were each on small round platforms hanging in mid air, like the platforms of a scales. Each platform was connected by wires to a hanging beam above it. Two platforms were hanging from each beam, one at each end. All the beams were further hanging from higher beams to which they were connected above. The result was that all of us were each on a different platform, each at different levels, floating in space, yet all connected together.

At the same time as I saw how we were connected and the light kept flashing, I began to have a mystical experience such as I didn't recall having ever had before. I compared it to the effects of an hallucinogenic drug, but quickly saw that a drug induced experience was inferior to what I was now experiencing. I had never reached this point before. Even though I was aware of the intensity of the experience, I was also aware that it was vague for me, and with this being my first such experience, that I was just barely scratching the surface of where I could ultimately go. I was just a novice, although I now clearly saw my future direction.

Suddenly I heard a voice. I knew immediately it was the voice of the enemy of my companions. It was immediately clear that the enemy had found us. Immediately the experiment stopped and the other men quickly and deftly began assembling their equipment. I also immediately walked away from the barn, and quickly found myself before a waiting bus. Some of the other men showed up to also get on the bus. I still was unsure of the men and I didn't know whether I should trust them. However I felt that I somehow played a role in what they were doing, and that my presence was important to them. I overcame my fears, and as I boarded the bus with them, an understanding seemed to pass between us and, and I felt as if I were now accepted as one of them.

As we sat at the back of the bus and I looked them over, I was still uncertain of something. There were four men sitting around me. Three of them I recognized as having been with me during the experiment, and I already felt close to them. The fourth man however I didn't recognize. He sat silently in the last seat of the bus. It was clear that he was part of the group, but he somewhat worried me since I yet knew nothing about him. I figured that he represented another aspect of the group which I still had to learn. I perceived something ominous still to come, but I knew I was already inextricably involved, so I would just have to face it.

I heard someone say something about someone who smoked who had been rejected by the group. I realized anyone who smoked wouldn't be able to take part in this kind of venture.

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