Dream of: 10 September 1995 (2) "Molting"

I awoke from a nap and found that I was sitting in the back seat of a station wagon in which my mother and my mother-in-law Paz were sitting in the front seat. My mother was driving, but the steering wheel was on the left side instead of the right side.

I was uncertain where we were; I recalled that we had planed to go on a short trip east of Dallas. But it appeared that we had traveled much farther than planned. And when I saw a road sign which said "Alabama" on it, I hollered out. "Alabama?"

Both my mother and Paz laughed; they then told me they had decided to take a longer trip. I protested that I didn't want to go on such a long trip, especially all the way to Alabama; but I saw little I could do about it now. I pulled out a map to see if I could tell exactly where we were. It looked as if we were close to the panhandle of Florida, but I couldn't tell for sure. Actually I thought I might enjoy seeing Florida.

I also thought I had some marijuana with me, and I might ask my mother later if she wanted to smoke some. I thought she had never smoked any pot, and it would be good for her to try it once. I also thought that if she smoked some pot, we might get involved sexually.

As I looked in her direction, something caught my attention: right next to her window on the right was a small ledge, and right behind her I saw a small snake which was shedding its skin on the ledge. As it came out of its skin, it moved closer and closer to my mother. I leaned up toward her, told her not to move, and with a deft movement knocked the snake out the window. She never did see it and seemed surprised when I told her what I had done. I told her the snake had been "molting." I hesitated to use the word "molting" because I didn't think Paz would understand it, but I used it anyway.

I also noticed a piece of skin from a larger snake which was lying near her. I thought other snakes might be in the car, and I looked around to see if I could spot any. The car was very old and looked as if it hadn't been used for years. I thought there was probably plenty of opportunity for snakes to be in the car.

My attention was next attracted to something else: Paz was changing her shirt. She had taken off her top, and was trying to turn herself in such a way so that I couldn't see her front. But finally it seemed as if her seat were turned around facing me, and she gave up on trying to cover herself. In fact, it looked as if she realized I could see her and she wanted me to look. I made a point of staring at her breasts so she could tell I was looking at them.

Her breasts were much nicer than I had expected; I had thought they might be saggy, but they weren't. Instead they looked to be just about the right size. She lay back so that I had an open view of her; I thought of touching her breasts, but decided that would be taking things too far.

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