Dream of: 09 September 1995 "Transcendental"

My wife Carolina and I were sleeping on the floor of the living room of a house which we had seen advertised for sale. When we had come to see the house, we had liked it so much, we had gone ahead and moved in some of our furniture without even having bought the house. The house, made of pale bricks was in a nice location. No other houses were in sight, and the yard was surrounded by a thick circle of trees.

In the back was a shallow place where dirt had been scooped out for a pond. The pond wasn't yet finished and needed to be fixed, however water was already in the pond and it looked as if something was floating on the top. It was finally clear that wild ducks were on the pond. When I had first seen the pond I had realized how important it was to have a body of water near a house.

Still lying on the floor with Carolina, awakened by the sound of voices, I looked up to find that different groups of people were walking through the house. Nobody seemed to pay much attention to us. I slowly realized different realtors were showing around different groups of people who might be interested in buying the house. Finally a whole bus load of people showed up and poured into the house; apparently the people on the bus were taking a tour of various houses for sale. I had never realized such tours existed. The people looked at everything in the house, including the fold-out bed in the living room and the dinette set which Carolina and I had brought with us.

I suddenly realized if I didn't act quickly someone else might buy the house. I stood up and motioned to a female realtor in a red dress to come to me; she was about 40 years old and had black hair. I knew I had seen the house advertised for $60,000, and I was willing to pay that amount. In fact I thought to myself that I would easily pay $65,000 for the house. I told her if she would get me a contract I would pay $60,000 for the house; I would put $500 in escrow for a 60 day contract. I told the woman I had bought and sold several house so I knew what was involved. Thinking also that she would think me more credible if she knew I was a lawyer, I said, "I'm a lawyer."

I told the woman I had already moved a few things into the house just to see what it looked like. But I now realized that had probably been a mistake. If I didn't buy the house, we might have trouble moving things out, especially if the police saw us.

Having finished talking with the woman, I walked back to the patio area and sat down on a patio couch, the type that would gently rock back and forth. I didn't want the couch to rock, and I tried to get it to stop. Gradually I felt the movement of the couch slow to a stop. About ten other people (probably in their 50s and 60s) were also sitting on the patio. It seemed strange that so many older people were only now able to buy their own home.

It also took me a few moments to realize that a man was sitting on my left next to me on the couch. He asked me if he could borrow a pencil from me for a woman sitting on my right on the couch. He said, "The lady would like to borrow your pencil."

I took a pencil out of my left shirt pocket and handed it to him. When he was finished he handed it back and I put it back into the same pocket.

Somebody said something about the house looking as if children had lived in it before. It looked as if the door was banged the way children might do, and I wondered if indeed children had been living in the house.

I began thinking about what would be involved if I bought the house. It was definitely smaller than the Summerdale Drive House, which I still owned. In fact I realized I would need to sell the Summerdale House if I were going to buy this one. I might even use the idea of an open house such as was being used to sell this house, to sell the Summerdale House. I hadn't realized so many people came to open houses. I knew I had $30,000 in cash, but I wouldn't have enough to buy this house until I sold the Summerdale House. I knew I could get more than $60,000 for the Summerdale House. In the meantime I could borrow some money from my father or my mother if necessary.

I thought about meditating while I was there. I hesitated to do so in front of so many people, but I realized I had nothing to say to these people, and I decided to go ahead and meditate even though the people were in the room.

I pulled my feet up under my legs and straightened my back. I simply let my hands lie on my legs instead of holding them in a typical yoga or zen meditative position. I focused my gaze straight ahead of me and looked straight ahead. When I finally closed my eyes, I heard someone mention the word "transcendental," and I quickly slipped into a meditative state. As the voices around me began to recede, I began to wonder if the other people had left. I thought of opening one eye to see. I thought it would be strange if I opened my eye and everyone was still here.

I began thinking about the house and wondered if it was big enough. It had little storage space and we would probably have to store everything in the attic.

I reflected that I had also been thinking of buying a house in Gallia County, Ohio. Although I had bought houses before, I had never gone through a realtor; I had always bought the houses on my own because I knew how to do it. I wondered what it would be like to have a realtor take me around and show me houses; of course then I would have to pay a fee.

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