Dream of: 08 September 1995 (2) "Black And White"

I was with three other fellows (all probably in their late 20s). We were on a golf course and they were planning to play golf. They wanted me to play with them, but I told them I hadn't played golf in at least 10 years. Nevertheless, they insisted, and finally I decided to play with them.

Each teed off, and finally I did the same. I was surprised by how well I hit the ball. For the next shot, we stayed in the same place; instead of having to walk to the hole, with each shot, the hole came closer to us. My second shot went well also.

By the time we were ready for the third shot, I could see the hole perhaps 50 meters away. A number of golf balls were lying around on the green, apparently the other balls we had shot. I thought that I didn't have to worry about them and that I only needed to concentrate on the ball in front of me.

For this shot I wouldn't need a driver. I asked if I should use a six iron. Someone said I would be better off with a five iron, so I picked up a five iron instead. But when I stood by the ball, My five iron was very short – only about 60 centimeters long. I looked out at the hole -- this was going to be the most difficult shot, and I doubted I was going to do so well this time.


I was sitting on the floor in a room with 10-15 women sitting all around me. All them were in their early 20s, and all were very attractive. As I sat here, it slowly occurred to me that all these women admired me, and that if I wanted, I could pick out any I wanted and have a relationship. All the women were impressed with me because I had recently completed a highly acclaimed documentary film in Europe. My new-found fame felt strange, but I could quickly see I was going to enjoy it, and I looked more closely at the women's faces, trying to decide which one attracted me the most.


I had gone with an attractive woman (in her mid 20s) into a building. Once inside we were quickly surrounded by a large group of animals, mostly dogs. All the animals were extremely friendly, and I quickly concluded we were in some kind of pet store and the woman took care of the animals. I particularly noticed some beautiful Dalmatian pups with excellent markings. I also noticed one of the pups was all white with no black spots. I thought I might like to have one of the pups.


I was looking at some black and white pictures on a wall. The pictures were exquisite. As I looked from one picture to the next, I realized I couldn't remember what I had just seen. The thought made me become lucid. Realizing I was dreaming, I concentrated harder so I could later remember what I saw and write it down.

The pictures had two main themes: music and painting. I saw several kinds of musical instruments and I tried to memorize how they looked. I specifically saw two violins. I also specifically saw two small paint brushes for art painting.


I was driving a car and was returning to the building where the pets had been. At first I thought the woman who had been with me before was in the car, but then I realized she must be in the building. As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw two police cars. One pulled out, but the other was still there. I knew I had been drinking some beer and still had beer on my breath. I didn't feel intoxicated, but thought I might fail a test if I were given it. At any rate, I didn't want to have any trouble with the police, and I quickly parked the car.

I stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. I was able to enter without incident, and soon reached the room with all the animals. Again they gathered around me and began tugging at my pants.

I passed through the room and headed to a back room. On one side of the room was a shower, and through the translucent door, I could see someone inside. From outside the door I spoke to the person. It was quickly clear the woman in the shower was a friend of mine. She was about 25 years old and quite beautiful. Although I was attracted to her, we had always been just friends.

However now, I felt as if I would like to get in the shower with her. Asking and receiving her consent, I pulled back the shower door. She stood before me, facing me, with water dripping off her body. I was amazed. Her body was impeccable. She had brown hair, a beautiful face, and her body seemed particularly firm. Basically she was perfect. I quickly decided it would be possible for me to get in the shower with her and afterwards we could still just remain friends.


Carolina and I were walking down a street together, when she pointed to a red brick building, and told me that was where we were going. I looked at the building and saw it was so tall I couldn't even see the top. She said we were going to the second or third floor. I looked at those floors and saw the windows of those two floors were close together, unlike the windows of the other floors. It looked as if the windows on the second floor had been placed near the ceiling, while the windows on the third floor and been placed near the floor.

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