Dream of: 08 September 1995 "Socket Adapters"

I was in the large upstairs of the milkhouse on the Gallia County Farm. I had moved many of my things from Texas to the Farm and was storing them in the milkhouse. Boxes and furniture were scattered and stacked all over the place. I noticed two nice arm chairs which I had had for a while in Texas, as well as an old wooden chair. I thought I would later take the chairs up to the Farmhouse, where I was fixing up a place for me to stay on the second floor.

My father and my mother came up to the milkhouse and my father told me he was looking for something which he thought might be among my things. It was unclear, but it seemed he was looking for a blanket or a quilt. Since I had stacked many boxes on top of each other, I certainly didn't want to start going through the boxes looking for something. I told my father I had no idea where to look, and I likewise discouraged him from doing so.

Nevertheless, he began pushing a few boxes around. As he did so, I noticed he broke something attached to the floor. Looking closer I saw that the thing on the floor was rather peculiar. It was an orange electric adapter, the kind that changes a three prong socket or cord to a two prong. What was peculiar was that the prongs of the adapter had been pushed straight down into the floor. And this adapter wasn't the only one; the prongs of perhaps 20 or 30 adapters had been pushed into the wooden floor. I thought the adapters must have been pushed into the floor with something like a power stapler. It looked as if the adapters were in two straight lines which came together to form an angle like an arrow. I had no idea why the adapters would be here, and I wasn't much concerned that one had been broken.

Actually I was becoming tired of being there in the milkhouse, and I began thinking of what I was going to do next.

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