Dream of: 06 September 1995 "No Concern Whatsoever"

Carolina was living alone in another city, and I had gone to visit her for a few days. I thought the city was Paris, France, but once I was there, it also seemed somewhat like a large American city. While I was in the living room of the place where she was living, a news program came on the television. The broadcast showed a scene of a large section of downtown Luxembourg which had caught fire. Right in the middle of the fire was a large pyramid made of blue glass. I recalled that I had seen that particular pyramid somewhere before and I watched in awe as the flames leapt up all around it. The news commentator said that a similar fire had broken out in an American city. It seemed strange that two such fires had broken out on the same day.

And even stranger, I learned that a smaller fire had broken out in the downtown area of the city we were in. I called Carolina, who was in the other room, to come in and look at the television. I recalled that she and I had once visited Luxembourg together and I wondered if she remembered. Once she had joined me, I suggested that she and I go downtown to look at the fire.

We left and headed across a large park lightly covered with snow, and walked in the direction of downtown. But by the time we had reached the middle of the park, it had become clear to me that Carolina didn't want to go downtown. Upset, I stopped in the middle of the park and turned around to go back. Retracing our steps, once we had reached the edge of the park, we started across the street.

Suddenly a pink Cadillac sped around a corner of the street and headed right toward us. It was around a 1959 model and had large fins on the back. I grabbed Carolina and pulled her out of the way, causing us both to fall to the ground. I was unsure I could save us, but I was more concerned about her than about myself. The car spun out of control, going sideways down the street. The back of the fins scraped a parked car before the Cadillac came to a stop. I could tell now that the car wouldn't have hit us even if I hadn't pulled Carolina out of the way; but it would have been close.

I angrily stood up and headed in the direction of the Cadillac. But just before I reached it, a man jumped out of the car and started running across the park. I quickly assumed the Cadillac must have been stolen. Other people were gathering and someone said to catch the man. Although it was uncharacteristic of me to chase after someone, I took off chasing him across the park. But he was fleet of foot and quickly put space between us. I hoped he might soon tire and I would be able to catch him. Two other fellows also began chasing the culprit. One kept pace with me, but the other one raced passed us and gained ground on the fleeing man.

As the culprit and the lead chaser headed toward some buildings, I lost sight of them for a moment. But then I saw them run into a two story building. I and the fellow keeping pace with me also soon reached the building and we went inside.

Finding no one on the ground floor, we went upstairs. There, in the hallway, we met the lead chaser. He told us that the culprit was in a room right in front of us, but that he had five or six other men with him, as well as an older man and woman who were somehow related to the culprit.

I looked into the room and saw all the people sitting on a couch and chairs looking right at me. The lead chaser pointed out the culprit -- a short overweight fellow (only about 20 years old). He was wearing glasses and his hair was already turning gray. I was surprised by the fellow's appearance; I had expected him to be black. I asked the lead chaser if he were sure this was the right fellow. He said he wasn't completely sure, but almost completely.

As the people in the room looked back at us, I began to realize we were outnumbered and there was little we could do. But I also noticed the people in the room weren't protesting our being there or threatening to call the police. Obviously they didn't want the authorities involved.

Suddenly a muscular black man about seven feet tall stood up and walked toward us. I hadn't noticed him at first, but now realized how menacing he appeared. He passed right by us and walked out into the hall. I thought he might be going to retrieve a weapon, and I told the others we should leave.

But before I left I confronted the fellow whom the first chaser had identified as the culprit. I asked the culprit if he knew he had almost killed someone. He seemed to show no concern whatsoever.

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