Dream of: 05 September 1995 (2) "Easily Mended"

I had been brought to a police station where I was being charged with speeding. The police officer who had arrested me was a tall, thin fellow (about 30 years old) whose light-colored hair was cut in a burr. I was angry because he had arrested me. I had only been going around 65 in a 55 MPH zone, and since everyone else had also been speeding, I thought it unjust that I should have been picked out.

The officer told me my ticket would cost $288. I thought that was outrageous and I decided right then I wasn't going to pay it. If necessary, I would sit the time out in jail. I thought it would only take about five days to sit out the ticket. Besides, it wasn't as if I had never been in jail before. I had spent my share of time in jail and I figured I would be able to handle myself. I just wondered what kind of cell I would be put in and whether I would have to share it with anyone.

Then I had another idea. I could go ahead and make bail. That way I wouldn't be paying the ticket, and I still wouldn't have to go to jail, at least not right now. I would then prepare my case and go to court on it. I particularly thought this was the best course of action when the police officer mentioned he might not be able to make it to court on the day of the trial. I figured if he weren't there to testify, the case would probably be dismissed. Nevertheless I would have to be ready for trial. I thought I would particularly need to study up on radar and figure out the best way to beat it.

I walked over to another police officer who I thought was in charge of bail. I asked him if they took credit cards, and he said they didn't. That might present a problem because I wasn't sure I had enough cash in my billfold to pay for bail. I wondered if I could get some cash with a credit card someplace nearby.

As I thought about that, something else caught my attention. Sitting right behind the police officer to whom I was talking was what appeared to be a small row boat about three meters long. It was peculiar because it was covered over with a piece of transparent plastic. Suddenly the police officer took a hammer and slammed it into the plastic. The plastic broke like a piece of glass where the hammer had hit it, leaving a large hole. The whole incident seemed strange to me, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I concluded that the covering was a special form of plastic which could be molded and remolded, and that if it were broken, it could be easily mended.

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