Dream of: 05 September 1995 "Shorty"

I was walking around a factory where airplanes were being manufactured. It seemed that all the workers were members of the military. As I watched, I thought about how each person had a certain duty to perform. The duty of these workers was to produce airplanes. I, on the other hand, was a lawyer, and my duty was to do legal work.

As I stood watching, I folded my arms in front of my chest. I started rocking back and forth with my entire body rigid, and got to the point where I could actually rock all the way back almost to the ground in back of me, and then rock forward so my face almost touched the ground in front of me. I knew this was a very unusual ability which I had, and that most people were incapable of performing such movements. I wondered whether anyone watching me was aware how rare this ability was. Finally I stopped rocking, straightened back to my normal position and once again began walking around the factory.

As one fellow was about to walk past me, I recognized him as Nunley (a former schoolmate). Nunley only stood about five and half feet tall, and I recalled his nick name in high school had been "Shorty." I hadn't seen him in years, probably since high school. I hesitated about whether to say anything to him, but finally said, "Hi Shorty."

He didn't seem offended that I had called him Shorty, and in fact seemed quite friendly. He began walking along beside me as if it had been only yesterday when we had last seen each other. He told me he was looking for a girl in the factory named "Dobbs." He was obviously very interested in her, and apparently he was even thinking of marrying her. The only problem was that she was only 18 years old.

Obviously that was very young for him. But then I told him about Carolina. I said, "I married a fifteen year old seven years ago."

I told him that Carolina had only been 15 years old when I had married her, and that Carolina and I had been married for seven years, which meant that now she was 22 years old. I figured by telling him that, he would see that it was possible for him to marry a younger woman and for the marriage to work out.

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