Dream of: 02 September 1995 "Underground City"

I was in a car with a man and woman who were my father and my mother. We were taking a trip through desert-like area, perhaps in western Texas. As we came to a well-known tourist area, I began looking at a map to see where we were going. On the map I saw a road which made a circle with a circumference of perhaps 50 miles. That was the road we were on. I thought we were probably going to travel the entire road. On the map I saw a turnoff to a small town called Springfield, but I didn't think we would go there.

Within the circle of the road we were on was another road which formed an irregular circle around the center. The inner road resembled a map of a European city which would show where the old fortified walls to the city used to be. I thought after we traveled the outer road, we would then take the inner road.

However the center of attraction lay right in the middle of the both the concentric roads. I knew that was our final destination.


My father, my mother and I had reached the center and were standing before the tourist attraction. It was a concrete structure which resembled a cooling tower of a nuclear power plant – except it was only about two meters tall and perhaps five meters in diameter.

I had a bicycle with me. Thinking the top of the structure was flat, I thought I would throw my bicycle up on top and climb up there. But when I picked up bicycle and slung it up on top, just before I let go, I realized the structure had no top. I held onto the bicycle and managed to keep from dropping it down inside. I leaned over the top and looked down inside the structure. I was surprised to see that the structure was completely empty, and that in fact I could see past its base perhaps 100 meters into the ground. Down below I saw what appeared to be a city, all lit up as if it were daytime. I was certainly surprised to think a whole city was there under the ground.

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