Dream of: 27 August 1995 "Ill-Defined Faces"

I was in the garage of the Grandview Avenue House, watching a fellow (in his early 20s) setting up a pool in the back yard. I had ordered the pool to be built and I was now intrigued to see how it would look. As I watched him spread out a large piece of blue plastic, I began to doubt whether I had made a wise decision in buying the pool. I had thought it would be more substantial, with sturdy walls; but this pool looked as if it were just going to be a large, flimsy piece of plastic with water poured into it.

The fellow progressed apace with his work, and I soon went out to look at the pool. Indeed, it had no fabricated walls. Instead, it appeared the fellow had dug a large hole in the ground, which seemed composed of white sand, and had put the plastic pool into the hole. The diameter was probably about five meters; so in that respect it the pool was quite large. However the depth appeared to be shallow. I remembered that I had signed a contract which had given the actual dimensions of the pool, and that the depth was supposed to be 29 inches. I pulled out a retractable metal ruler and measured the depth close to the edge. When I saw the depth was less than 29 inches, I called the fellow over and pointed it out to him.

Obviously concerned, he walked over to a phone on the back porch and called someone. When he had finished talking on the phone, he again began working with the pool, making adjustments, so the depth would be increased in areas where it was shallow. I still wasn't happy and I wished I hadn't bought the pool.

Besides the pool, I had bought from the same people a piece of exercise equipment, also sitting in the back yard. The piece was designed for someone to sit down on it almost on the ground, and begin pulling some handles like rowing a boat. It had a big pieces of concrete to hold it in place. However someone had already tried it and the concrete had fallen over. It appeared the exercise equipment was also a piece of junk. I felt like an idiot for having bought anything from these people. Obviously I was losing a lot of money.

My sister walked into the backyard and watched the man working on the pool. She looked as if she were around 12 years old and she might have been wearing a swimming suit. I thought at least she would probably enjoy the pool. Of course someone would now have to be responsible for cleaning the pool and changing the water. I wondered how long water could stand in a pool before it became stagnant and started having little worms in it.

My father showed up. He looked as if he were only about 30 years old. He had dark black hair, was slender and in good shape. He immediately perceived my disappointment with the pool, and he suggested we measure the diameter to be sure it was the agreed upon size. We used the metal ruler as he went to one side of the pool and I stood on the other. When he had finished, he waded out into the middle to measure the depth. It appeared the pool was the agreed-upon size. I thought to myself that at least if it were 29 inches deep I should be able to actually swim in it.

But then there was another problem. I didn't want to spend a lot of time in the sun because of the known dangers with long exposure to the sun. I couldn't use sunscreen because I was allergic to it and it irritated my skin. I wondered if I would get any use out of the pool.

Noticing some activity which seemed to be coming from behind the garage, I walked back to the alley to see what was going on. There I was surprised to find several pieces of furniture sitting in the alley. Among them was an old wooden sewing machine which appeared to be in good condition. It appeared someone in my family was cleaning these things out of the garage and I wondered what they were going to do with them. I certainly hoped they weren't just throwing them away.

I walked into the garage and went up the stairs to the second floor. There I saw that many things which had been stored there had been moved out. However much remained. I recalled that an old woman had stored her belongings in the upstairs, and that she had recently died. Apparently someone from my family was now going through the belongings and taking some of it away.

I walked over to a dresser at the end of the room. Opening one of the drawers, I saw it was filled with letters and cards. Pulling out a handful, I realized the letters were old, probably from the beginning of the century. Many had old colorful stamps and I thought I should try to make sure they weren't thrown away. I looked at a few of the stamps. One showed a duck head. Another was from Haiti. And one postcard had the back completely covered with stamps.

Turning around I saw a bed with an intricately carved headboard. Next to the wall was a second set of carved wooden headboards. I might like to have one of the set of headboards myself, and I wondered what was going to happen to them.

A also noticed a couple of paintings hanging on the wall. They were both original oil painting and each was over a meter in length and width. The first one showed a large, old sail ship with white sails on the sea. It was quite well done. The second picture showed a scene with several people sitting around talking. Although the faces weren't well-defined, I had the feeling the painting might be an early work of a famous artist and might possible be valuable. It reminded me of an original painting I had recently bought and had later discovered to be valuable.

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