Dream of: 24 August 1995 (3) "Himalayas"

I had arrived in India to visit a woman who I knew had been living here for a few months. The woman was about 30 years old, tall and slender, and had black hair. We met on a crowded street and she told me she would take me to where she lived. She explained that she didn't have much money and had to stay in a rather poor area. However she also explained that there were many people far poorer than she.

We walked along the street until we came to an enclosure surrounded by a large bamboo fence. When we reached the gate of the fence, a large throng of people had gathered around us. They also seemed extremely poor and apparently they wanted to get inside the fence. I could also see other people on the other side of the fence and I was uncertain they were going to open the gate for us since the throng might rush in. But the gate was opened and we were allowed to walk in while the throng of people simply stood and watched.

I was glad to be in India, but I didn't simply want to stay inside the enclosure. Off to our left I could see the towering Himalayas. The woman, sensing my desire to explore, said she would take me for a walk. We began walking on a brick path that wove through the back of the enclosure and came out along some nice houses. As we walked along the path, the houses were on our right, and the Himalayas were on our left. It seemed more like a country scene than the city.

As we walked the woman seemed more and more like Carolina. She was edgy, as if she didn't feel completely safe walking around like this. I asked her about it and she said it wasn't safe there, but that we should be all right if we stayed on the path. She pointed out that we would soon be passing a house which had dogs in the yard which would bark at us. I told her we could turn around and go back if she wanted. But she said the dogs wouldn't be able to get past the fence in the yard and that we could go on.

I thought the path was fine, but what I really wanted to do was go up into the mountains. I asked her if she had ever gotten off the path and climbed into the mountains. She said she hadn't, and she didn't seem to want to do so. I suggested I would later go alone into the mountains. I wouldn't climb all the way to the top, but just stroll through the green bottom parts for about an hour. I saw little danger in that.

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