Dream of: 24 August 1995 (2) "County Fair"

I was at the county fair in Gallia County, Ohio, when I ran into Altizer. We talked for a while when a slender, red-haired fellow about 30 years old walked up. Since Altizer also had red hair, I thought this fellow was Altizer's brother, and I called him Mr. Altizer. But Altizer soon corrected my mistake and told me that the fellow wasn't his brother.


I was sitting in the back seat of a truck in which Altizer and his real brother were sitting in the front seat. Altizer was on the passenger side and his brother was driving. The only thing I really noticed about Altizer's brother was that he had red hair, had a large nose, and looked as if he were in his early 30s.

Apparently both Altizer and his brother had consumed quite a bit of alcohol and were quite intoxicated. It appeared that they often went out drinking together. I thought I might drink some with them, but I hadn't yet made up my mind.

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