Dream of: 24 August 1995 "Drummer"

I was with four or five other fellows (probably in their early 20s) who had a rock and roll band. I was surprised when the fellow in charge asked me if I wanted to join the band and play drums. I was thrilled by the idea and immediately told him I accepted. I almost felt like telling him this was the dream of my life, but I refrained from saying that. However I did caution him that I really didn't know how to play the drums, even though I had a drum set. He seemed unconcerned and seemed to think I would do just fine. I thought I might also try to play some other instruments, such as the clarinet.

Only then did I start to realize part of the reason they wanted me to play was because I had the drum set and they didn't have one. But that didn't bother me. I obviously had few musical abilities, so I had to make up for it some way. In fact they might have also hired me because they were in need of a lawyer. Since I was a lawyer, they might have thought it would simply be cheaper to hire me as a member of the band, and then ask me to do some of their legal work for them. But that didn't bother me either, and I would gladly help out with the legal work to be part of the band.

I wondered if the band was actually making any money. I asked the fellow about it and he indicated they were. He said the profits would be divided evenly among all the band members; that sounded fine to me.

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