Dream of: 23 August 1995 "Boxes Of Puzzles"

I had been camping beside a creek in the woods, when I noticed that a couple men had begun cutting down some of the nearby trees with a chainsaw. Normally I didn't like to get involved in any conflicts, but I simply couldn't stand by and watch them cut down these beautiful trees. Just as they were about to start on another large tree, I walked up to them and got their attention. I then began explaining to them that many people cared about these trees. I said, "I love trees."

As I talked, I noticed that perhaps 100 other people apparently also camping in the woods had gathered around. I turned to them and asked what they thought. I asked everyone who wanted the men to stop cutting the trees to raise their hands. Almost everyone did so. I then turned back to the men and asked if they were going to stop cutting the trees. To my surprise they said they would stop. I couldn't believe I had convinced them so easily. Nevertheless they packed up and left.

After they had gone, I picked up one of the trees which had been cut down. I was surprised by just how light it was. I handed it to a fellow standing near me. He also was able to easily hold it.


Several of my friends and I were standing in an alley at the back door of a large, white, frame garage which resembled the garage of the Grandview Avenue House. I was in the process of moving out of the house and had come back to retrieve the last load. I hoped the garage door was open, because most of what I needed was on the second story of the garage, and I didn't want to go into the house unless it was necessary.

To my relief, the garage door was unlocked and I pushed it open. However, to my chagrin, the woman who lived in the house was standing in the garage. She was a short, gray haired woman probably in her sixties. She had a crabby personality and immediately began quarreling at me. She said the last time I had been there I had left some doors in the house open and she had gotten cold. She also indicated that there were still some things in the house which I needed to get. Thinking I might as well go ahead and get it over with, I led my friends to the house to get what was left.

But once we were inside, we all sat down in the living room as if we were in no big hurry. I looked under the couch where I was sitting and saw several boxes of puzzles which belonged to me which I had apparently forgotten and would need to get. I also pulled out a box of what looked like old greeting cars and began looking at them.

Wheat was among the friends who were sitting there with me. He looked as if he were in his late 40s. He began talking about a camping trip he had recently taken near a river in the "San Bernardino valley." As he talked of the trip, I tried to visualize a map in my mind of where the San Bernardino valley was. At first I thought it might be somewhere along the Pacific coast, perhaps in Washington or Oregon. But then I thought it might be in Florida.

As a map of the United States flashed across my mind, I saw that the cities in the U.S. were becoming larger and larger and that there were more and more of them. Soon the cities would be everywhere. Still trying to determine where the San Bernardino valley was, I visualized a map of Florida. Florida was also packed with cities, but I did notice an area on the southwestern tip of Florida which was practically vacant. I had heard about this area, and how it was still relatively uninhabited. Perhaps that would be a good place for me to move to.

As we talked, a certain theme was developing in our conversation. The theme had to do with our beliefs on how a person should live. The idea was amorphous, yet still somehow concrete. However, one of my friends seemed bored by what we were discussing. She was a young black-haired girl (probably in her late teens). At one point she yawned, and I thought this kind of talk must be terribly boring for her. I thought I needed to try to liven it up a little.

I pulled one of the greeting cards out of the box and told the others I would read what it said on the front. But as I began trying to read the words, I was having a terribly difficult time. Finally I understood why: there were no words. The card only had a picture on the front. I decided I would simply describe the scene on the front as if I were reading it.

Basically the picture on the front of the card showed a field in the country surrounded by trees. I noticed that the trees on the left side of the card had some vines hanging from them, and hanging from the vines were round purple objects which at first I thought might be grapes, but which looked too big to be grapes. I showed the picture to Wheat and he said they were plums. I had to agree with him, but thought it was strange the way they were hanging from the trees.

At the top of the tree on the left was a bird nest with a brown bird sitting in it. As I described the bird and the nest, the bird began moving around, flapping its wings. I then saw another similar bird next to the nest and thought the two must be mates.

I could see I was losing the attention of the girl, who still seemed uninterested. I picked up another card and looked at it. I recalled having seen this card once before. The front was all blue and seemed to have nothing on it. But now as I looked at it more closely I realized it showed a rather strange scene. The blue was the sea along the coast. And sitting in the water were two model T cars with people in them. Apparently the cars were parked on the beach and when the tide had come in, the water had come about half way up the cars. The people in the cars looked as if they were wearing the old fashioned type of long bathing suits which were in fashion in the early part of the century. They seemed completely unfazed by the water over the cars and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I also now noticed that several lines had been handwritten across the front of the card. As I quickly read them, I realized the card had been sent by a woman to someone many years ago. What was strange was that what she said seemed to fit right in with the general theme of what we had been talking about earlier. I excitedly told the others that this woman had written the same type of thing that we had been discussing. I hoped now the girl would become interested, but still she seemed bored by the whole thing.

When I picked up the card, I noticed something still stranger. If the card were held up to the wall, and moved, it appeared that a horse and buggy was moving in an animated way across the front of it. There were also big splotches of pretty colors which moved across the front. I had never seen anything like it. I held it against the wall and tried to show it to Wheat, but he couldn't see it. I thought perhaps if I held it in front my chest and stood in front of him he could see.

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