Dream of: 22 August 1995 (2) "The Last Picture Show"

I had gone to the Gay Street House. I had thought my father wouldn't be there, and was surprised to find not only him, but several other people, there. They had set up a wrestling mat and different people were taking turns wrestling. I decided I would also like to wrestle and climbed onto the mat.

I first faced off against a fellow who resembled Phil Lane. After the fellow and I had finished, I began wrestling with an old, black man who resembled the actor James Earl Jones, only he seemed much older, perhaps over 100 years old. I quickly learned that although we were wrestling, we were also allowed to hit each other as in a boxing match. I managed to hold the old black man down on his knees, but I couldn't seem to overpower him. I somehow knew he held a record for being able to stay the longest period in the ring without either side winning. Finally I began punching him in the face, and I felt as if I were about to get the best of him.

My mother showed up and demanded we stop fighting. I refused to stop and told her she should not be there anyway.


I was walking down a street, still thinking about the old man with whom I had been wrestling. I liked him. I knew he needed a job. I also knew I had seen him acting in a movie, but I couldn't remember what the movie had been. As I walked along a city street, I suddenly came to a movie theater, and there in bold black letters on the marquee were the words "The Last Picture Show." I suddenly realized this was the very movie in which the old man had acted.

The theater was right next door to a building which housed a college. I knew a man who worked at the college who had an influential position there; I might be able to talk with the man and persuade him to hire the old black man.


I was sitting in a restaurant with the man from the college, trying to persuade him to hire the old black man. I mentioned that the old man was on social security and probably received about $500 a month. The man responded that no one could live off that. I replied that many people "down there" lived off such a small amount. By "down there" I meant people in the black part of town.

Continuing to try to persuade the man from the college to hire the old black man, I brought up the fact that the old man had been in a movie, and that the movie had made money. I therefore argued that since the movie had made money from the old black man, the college could also. However I did point out the old man's acting talents had been rather limited. In the movie he had played a fight trainer, a role which he actually had in real life. So he hadn't really learned how to act. Nevertheless, I thought the old man's having been in a movie gave him credentials.

I specifically told the man from the college that the movie had been directed by Bernardo Bertolucci. I also mentioned the movie had been in black and white. I hadn't seen the movie in quite a while and wanted to see it again myself.

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