Dream of: 21 August 1995 "Castle In The Sand"

A pretty girl (probably 17-18 years old) who was my sister (not my actual sister) was sitting completely naked in front of me. She somewhat resembled the actress Juliette Lewis and somewhat the actress Justine Bateman. She and I were deeply in love and we had often had sex together.

As I looked at her, contemplating how I was going to take her into my arms, I thought about the subject of incest. I was in love with my sister, she was in love with me, and we intended to stay together always. People might talk when they saw us going places together all the time; but no one would really know what went on between us. Besides, I actually saw no reason why incest should be illegal. Incest seemed perfectly acceptable to me, and was far more erotic than a "normal" relationship. I would like to begin investigating incest in literature and read any novels which I might find on the subject.


I found myself sitting in the passenger seat of a car which another man (about 60 years old) was driving. It seemed as if he had picked me up near Portsmouth High School in Portsmouth. The man was somewhat balding and somewhat overweight. However he had a winning personality and I enjoyed his company immensely. In fact, he seemed to have supplanted my sister and the feeling I had for him seemed to somewhat mirror the feeling I had had for her. I was now living with the man, and felt good about it. I would probably stay with him until he died.

He was approaching retirement age, and as he drove along, I asked him when he was going to retire. He indicated that there was no hurry, and that he did little at work the way it was. I thought he had a rather mundane job which didn't require much effort, even though I thought that he was actually a fairly intelligent man. If he retired, he should have more time for other pursuits such as reading. I hoped he might start reading some novels, and that we might be able to discuss them. I asked him if he had read any novels lately, and he said he had read one titled Castle in the Sand.

I myself had been reading that very novel; I was holding it in my hand. I was about half way through the novel; I opened it to the place where I had stopped reading. As I read through a paragraph, I underlined and made notes in blue ink. Up to this point I hadn't been writing in the book, but now that I knew my companion had also been reading the book, I decided it would be best to mark passages which interested me.

We drove toward the hilltop area of Portsmouth along a street at the base where the hill begins. As we continued, I noticed a large group of butterflies and pointed them out to my friend. He stopped the car; still sitting in the car, we looked at the butterflies. Approximately 20 blue butterflies almost seemed to be flying in formation. With them was one smaller white butterfly. I had the feeling the white butterfly was a different sex than the blue ones. When another butterfly of a different color tried to approach the blue butterflies, the white one chased away the interloper.

What surprised me most was my companion's reaction to the butterflies. He began giving me the scientific names of the blue ones, as well as the names of several other butterflies flying nearby. He also mentioned the names of several nearby plants and birds. I had never realized he possessed such knowledge. Perhaps we could explore many other areas of knowledge when we had more time.

For myself, I didn't know the names of any butterflies. I did see some colorful blue jays flying in the trees; at least I knew the names of a few birds. I also noticed how much more colorful the blue jays were when they were flying with their wings spread than when they were just sitting still in the trees.

We finally reached the man's house. As he pulled into his back yard, he crossed over a part of his neighbor's yard. An old car, probably from the 1940s, was sitting in the neighbor's garage. I was uncertain whether it was a real car or a toy car. I wondered if it could be fixed up.

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