Dream of: 16 August 1995 "Fighting Over Dead Meat"

While I was living on the Gallia County Farm with my father, he and I had an argument and I became very upset with him. I decided to go up on the big hill behind the Farmhouse to get away. I took off running, and another fellow also living on the Farm ran along behind me. He, like I, was probably only in his early 20s.

As we ran past the loafing shed, I noticed my father working on the back side of the shed. He was down in a pit digging, so I didn't actually see him. When the other fellow and I reached the hill, the other fellow told me he thought we should go back and help my father dig. But I was still so angry with my father I didn't want to have anything to do with him. So the other fellow turned around and headed back alone to help my father.

I continued running along the side of the hill, saying some little verse over and over to myself as I ran, in time with my steps. I enjoyed running along the hill like this.

As I ran, I noticed I was running along a wall on my left. I stopped and looked through one of the windows of the wall and could see a herd of black and white cattle on the other side. But right in front of me was a rather strange sight. A bunch of perhaps 20 cows and calves were all grouped together. At first I thought the calves were all trying to suck from one or more of the cows. But then I saw that all the cows and calves seemed to be fighting amongst themselves. Finally I realized an animal must have died and the cattle were fighting over the remains.

Eating dead meat seemed uncharacteristic for cattle. And the longer I looked at the calves the more they looked like dogs instead of calves. Each had a piece of something in its mouth which it was trying to pull away from the others. All the dogs looked quite vicious; I was glad I had the protection of the wall.

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