Dream of: 15 August 1995 "Levitation"

As I was sitting in the back room of a house where I was living, a woman walked into the room. It was difficult to tell her age, but she seemed in the prime of life. Although she was thin and well-figured, and might have been an attractive woman, she had dressed in such a way as to tone down her beauty. Her dark black hair was coifed in a style reminiscent of the 50s and she was wearing thick-rimmed, black glasses.

I had met this woman before and I had contradictory feelings about her. She seemed pedantic and straight-laced, yet somehow she attracted me. Whatever the uncertainty of my feelings, I didn't appreciate her simply showing up unannounced and walking in on me like that. What if I hadn't been dressed? The thought gave me an idea. As the woman walked back toward the front of the house, where I could see her through a vista of several rooms, I slipped off my pants so I was nude from the waist down. However I was sitting at a table so my bottom half could only be seen if I moved myself around to where it was visible.

When she walked back again to where I was and she began talking to me, I moved around a couple times so my bottom half was exposed. At first I had simply wanted to show her the inappropriateness of her barging in without knocking, but when she said nothing about my lack of clothing, even though she had obviously seen me, I began to become aroused, and I reveled in the thought of her looking at me. I realized my actions were risky. This woman could cause me great problems if she were to publicize my actions. But it clearly began to seem that she was herself enjoying what she saw and that she wouldn't try to cause me harm.

Only gradually did I realize five or six other women were in the room. The women were a group of activists who regularly came together concerning different causes. This time, I soon learned, they were protesting the use of the Easter bunny, complaining that it was inappropriate because it was actually a symbol of sex. After a short discussion, it was decided to adjourn the meeting to another location. Only then did the black-haired woman, sitting next to me, feign surprise that I wasn't wearing any pants and she told me to put some on so I could accompany them. I pulled on my pants and we left.


I was sitting, sometimes lying, in a large room which seemed somewhat like a warehouse which had been converted into a place for people to meet. Different groups of people were sitting around at different tables in the room. I was no longer with the group of women, but I could see them at the back of the room. Instead I was now with five or six young college-aged men who were having a lively discussion. One fellow with long, dark hair reminded me of someone whom I had met at The Ohio State University over 20 years before.

I lay on my side, still keeping an eye on the women's group, half listening to the discussion of the men. I tried to follow some of what the men said, but their conversation didn't make a lot of sense. They seemed to be talking of topics of some interest, yet they seemed too involved in the superficial details. For example the black-haired fellow seemed to be saying something about the 1917 Russian Revolution, but he was talking about what seemed to me inconsequential details.

Still, I wondered if I should join in. I had never really taken part in their talks, mainly because I just couldn't follow what was being said, and it didn't seem that important to begin with. However, I thought perhaps I should try, and when someone mentioned something about the writer Karl Jung, I spoke up and began talking. Here was a topic in which I thought I was well-versed, and I began espousing my opinion about Jung's theories of symbols. I also wove in my knowledge of Sigmund Freud's ideas, knowledge which I also thought was extensive.

As I talked, the black-haired fellow and perhaps some others also chimed in a few ideas. They seemed to like the fact that I was talking, but from what they said, clearly they only had the most superficial idea of what they were talking about. Obviously I had been right all along and these fellows were mostly show with little substance. However, as I continued to talk, something else became clearer to me: my own knowledge of Jung was sadly lacking. Although I thought I understood Jung's ideas about symbols, as I spoke I realized I myself only had an incomplete idea of Jung's theories. Although I might know more than the others, I myself needed to know much more.

Nevertheless, I continued to talk, and as an illustration to what I was saying, I pointed to the group of women in the back of the room. I explained to the others that the women were protesting the use of the Easter bunny at Easter because they thought it was a sexual symbol. I explained that at first I had thought the idea was ridiculous, but then I had started thinking more about it. How was it that the Easter bunny had become associated with something like Easter?

I then pointed out some aspects of a typical chocolate Easter bunny that had piqued my imagination. I told the others that if they were to look at the way the ears of the chocolate Easter bunny stood up, they would see that the ears looked like a penis and the head looked like the balls. Or they could even take the whole length of the body, culminating with the ears, and the base as the balls. Either way, in my mind, it looked like a clear symbol.

I also pointed out that the way a bunny hopped around was symbolical of a penis rising. I also somehow incorporated the idea of resurrection and tied it to the idea of erection. I pointed out that even I hadn't realized before that when a man gave a woman a chocolate Easter bunny at Easter, he was actually giving her a sexual message. But now it was much clearer to me.


All the people in the room had fallen asleep and were spending the night here. I also had fallen to sleep, but I was suddenly awakened by what sounded like a bomb blast, closely followed by a second blast. I looked around the room and saw that I was apparently the only one who had awakened. I recalled having heard rumors of terrorists being in the city, and I thought they might be bombing different buildings. I thought of getting up and running outside, but then I realized that since I didn't know where any bombs were, I stood as much chance of being blown up by one outside as I did inside.

Gradually the others also began to wake up. They also seemed somewhat aware of the terrorists' threats. One fellow thought the Japanese were involved and he handed me a magazine, partially written in Japanese with many pictures in it, which apparently contained information about the Japanese terrorists. I really didn't care to read about them and, thinking he spoke German, I sarcastically said, "Genau was ich brauchte."

All five or six of us in my group stood and walked out the front door onto the sidewalk. It was dawn and the streets seemed slightly damp. As we began walking down an inclined street, I jumped up on a concrete embankment next to the sidewalk and walked right on the edge of it along the sidewalk. It was quite a balancing act and I thought the others must be impressed. However, as the sidewalk continued going down, the embankment kept going straight, until I was finally several meters above the sidewalk.

Then I had to make a decision: jump back down to the sidewalk and walk with the others, or walk over the top of some large trees, which looked like large bonsai trees. With little deliberation I decided to walk over the trees, and I gingerly stepped on top of them.

Although I hadn't been using them recently, I knew I had certain powers which the others had never witnessed and of which they weren't aware. One of those powers was the ability to rise and float in air. Now as I walked over the top of the trees, barely touching their tops, I used this power and floated along. When I reached the last trees I looked down and saw my group perhaps ten meters below – obviously a long way to jump. But I had no problem. I simply stepped out into mid air and softly floated down to the ground. One of the other men (who resembled a fellow named Bloemendaal whom I had met seven or eight years before at the Dallas Zen Center) said, "Way to go Steve."

I had never cared much for Bloemendaal and I thought the feeling was mutual, but now I saw that he had grasped one of my heretofore unknown abilities, and maybe we would get along better.

At the same time, another thought came to my mind. I had heard of some people having the power to levitate. By levitating I understood that a person would sit in a lotus meditation position, and then rise from the ground. Although I knew it was possible to rise when the legs were free (for I could do it myself), I had always discounted the idea of levitation; but perhaps it was actually possible. I thought one of the secrets might be to hold the breath when sitting in a lotus position. I knew holding my breath sometimes helped when I was floating. Perhaps it would help with levitating. I would have to try it.

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