Dream of: 14 August 1995 (3) "Trading Writing For Money"

I was thinking of opening a law office again. It had been two years since I had taken on any new clients, and it seemed that it might be time to begin again. I began thinking of what would be involved. First I would have to find an office. Since I was living in Hurst, Texas, I thought I might try to find an office in that area. I might even set up an office in a mall. That would be unusual; I wondered why it wasn't common to see lawyers' offices in malls. Perhaps it wouldn't be appropriate; perhaps there would be too much noise and confusion in a mall to allow one to think well.

I also thought of the furniture I would have to buy. Since I had sold most of my office furniture to Wheat, I would have to buy almost everything all over again. I remembered the two blue chairs I had had for clients in my office. I would have to replace those. I would also need another computer, and of course a desk. But I wouldn't buy everything new; I would try to find second hand furniture which was in good condition.

I thought about what kind of clients I would take. I would probably start taking any kind. I could handle contract cases. In fact I might even put a sign in the window which would say that I handle contracts. Perhaps even a neon sign. That would look interesting in a mall.

I would also probably start taking on bankruptcy clients again. Just the other day I had talked with an old client named Louis, and Louis had asked me if I would take over his wife's case, which was being handled by Wheat, since Louis was unhappy with Wheat's work. I had told him I wasn't taking on any new cases; but I could now contact him and take over that case.

Of course the problem with bankruptcy cases was that they lasted so long. Since most cases lasted five years, and I would have to continue taking cases for at least a couple more years, it would be seven years before I would be finished.

And what about my writing? Since I hadn't taken on any new cases during the past two years, I had done a considerable amount of writing which I wouldn't have been able to do if I had been taking on new cases. Would I trade all that writing for the money I would have earned by practicing law? The answer was obviously no. And would I be willing to sacrifice my writing again so I could practice law? Again the answer was no. So it was obvious – I couldn't start practicing law again after all.

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