Dream of: 14 August 1995 (2) "Having My Car Towed"

I was driving along the highway which runs east-west through South Shore, Kentucky, when suddenly I lost control of the car, spun around, and ended up on the side of the other side of the road, headed the opposite way from which I had been traveling. Still seated in the car, I could see that I hadn't run into anything and I hadn't done any damage to the car or anything else. However the car had died and when I tried to start it, it wouldn't start.

A short, thin policeman with black hair quickly showed up and walked up to the car. He was dressed in a gray uniform and was perhaps 40 years old. He looked over the situation and told me the car would have to be towed away. I definitely didn't like that idea. The car belonged to my father. It was a large blue car, similar to the old Chrysler Imperial which he used to own. I knew it was going to cause grave problems if it was towed away.

I pleaded with the officer not to tow the car. I explained that the car hadn't damaged anything and that it was off the road and not blocking traffic. I kept trying to start it and assured him I would be able to get it running quickly. But he was insistent and told me that the car must be towed. Hoping he still might take mercy on, I begged, "Please don't take my car."

But he didn't relent. Since I was on an incline, I told him I was going to let the car roll back a bit into a driveway which was right behind us. The police officer didn't object and I let the car roll back. I tried to start it again, and this time it started, but it quickly died. Again I started it but the same thing happened. I tried again and again, but it wouldn't start anymore.

I stepped out of the car and told the police officer the car had started and that I was sure I could quickly get it running. But he had already summoned another young man about 20 years old to help with the towing. The man walked up with some black metal instrument which he was obviously going to put on the car to help tow it.

I was becoming angry. Obviously the police officer knew the car didn't need to be towed; he was only having it towed so I would have to pay some ridiculous fee to get the car back. Of course I would have the money to pay since I could use a credit card. I thought I might even sue the officer and the city after I paid the money. But at the moment my anger must have been obvious, because when I started to walk toward the officer, the young helper was holding me back by holding on to my ankles. He clearly thought I was going to try to start problems. But I just wanted to tell the officer what I thought.

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