Dream of: 10 August 1995 (2) "Cheap Ride"

Hurley (about 30 years old) and I were sitting on a bench in a city in Russia. Snow covered the ground around us and before us was a wide open space which might have been an ice rink. I listened to some people walking near us and I heard different languages being spoken. Most people seemed quite poor.

I thought I would probably stay in Russia for a year and learn the language. To do that, I also needed to meet some people here. I noticed a computer screen that we were able to see in front of us. The computer was apparently used to help people make connections in the city. As entries of people flashed across the screen, I noticed the word "nude" in many entries.

I felt as if Hurley were cramping my style, and I was thinking of some way to ditch him, when I noticed a woman sitting at another bench not far from us. I told Hurley I was going to go off on my own for a while, and without further ado, I walked over to the bench where the woman was and I asked if I might sit down beside her. When she didn't object, I sat down at the other end of her bench. I realized I was being forward, and felt slightly nervous about it, but still basically confident.

The woman (probably in her early 30s) had brown hair and was quite attractive. Although she was bundled up in a dark brown coat, she appeared to have a good figure. As we began talking, I became aware hat I was having trouble moving my neck and my lower mandible. I remembered I had been involved in terrible fire and my neck had been severely burned. It had healed but now was badly scared. I explained it to the woman, and I hoped she wouldn't be repelled by my disfiguration.

As we talked, I noticed another black-haired woman sitting at a bench about five meters behind us. The woman sitting next to me turned around and addressed the other woman, calling her "Mother." Suddenly the woman next to me said she had to go. She went back to the other woman and the two walked away.

Unnoticed by the women, I followed them until they separated. We were in a park area, and just as the woman I had sat next to reached the bottom of some steps, I confronted her. It was obvious now the other woman hadn't been her mother. When I confronted the woman with this fact, she admitted she had only acted as if the other woman had been her mother because she was afraid Hurley was going to also approach them. They hadn't thought Hurley would come near if he thought one of the women was old. Now that she saw Hurley was gone, she seemed content to be alone with me.

As we stood here, I noticed several cars parked on the street not far from us. They served as taxis and were waiting for fares. However it was well known that they charged exorbitant rates. I watched as a man in need of a taxi walked up. However he didn't go to the cars which were waiting for fares, but he walked over to another car parked to the side. After a short talk with the driver, the man boarded into the car, and it pulled out. Obviously the man who had gotten into the car knew the system here, and he knew how to find a cheap ride.

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