Dream of: 10 August 1995 "Howling Noises"

I was in the upper field on the Gallia County Farm on the other side of the old swimming hole, when I began to hear howling noises which seemed to be coming from coyotes or wolves. Although I wasn't terribly frightened, I thought it would be best to leave the area, especially since it began to sound as if the animals were in a pack. I headed for the creek, becoming more and more concerned. By the time I reached the creek, I was running and raced across the ford.

I headed across the field toward the road. Reaching the road, I saw someone driving a tractor and pulling a wagon coming toward me from the direction of the Farmhouse. I was happy to see that it was my step-grandfather Clarence. He looked as if he were only about 50 years old and still had dark black hair. He seemed happy and friendly. I felt safe now that he had arrived.

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