Dream of: 09 August 1995 "Es War Ich"

I was standing at the front of a large passenger plane, looking at the pilot in the cockpit. We were at an airport in Europe and the plane was just about ready to take off for a flight to the United States. However, it had become clear I didn't have a ticket for this flight. Since I wanted to take this plane, I began pleading my case to the pilot. I explained that I did indeed have a ticket, but that it wasn't for this plane. I explained that I had planed to take a plane the day before and that in fact my luggage had already left on the other plane. I told the pilot if he would just wait a few minutes, I could get off the plane and have my ticket changed to this plane. Since the plane still had a few minutes before it was scheduled to depart, the pilot said he would wait.

I rushed to the back of the plane to get off. However, when I reached the rear and headed for the door, the rear of the plane looked like the front of the plane. There was a cockpit, except that no one was in it. I also noticed right near the entrance to the cockpit a metal stick coming out of the floor. It looked like an oversized gearshift which might be found in a truck. I moved closer to the gearshift, even though it wasn't on my way to the door, and I accidentally bumped into it.

I immediately knew I had made a terrible mistake because the plane began to spin around, staying in one place, but spinning like a top. Frantic, I grabbed the gear shift and began pulling it back, until slowly the spinning began to subside. I hoped when the spinning stopped I could get out the door. But now instead of spinning the plane began moving down the runway. Ahead of us I could see a line of 10-15 small black and red helicopters. We were headed straight for the helicopters and obviously were going to crash right into them.

Suddenly a pilot stepped up not the one who had been at the other end of the plane. He obviously saw the seriousness of the situation. I, not trying to conceal that I was responsible, and thinking that he spoke German, shouted out my confession, "Es war ich!"

The pilot took control of the situation. I saw that he wasn't alone. Looking out the window I now saw that perhaps a hundred men were outside pulling on ropes which were attached to the plane. They were pulling the plane backwards and their combined effort managed to bring the plane to a halt.

Only then did I see that a dozen or so people were sitting on a second tier of the plane directly behind me and looking straight at me. They all had their faces frozen in utter astonishment of what had just happened. I was extremely embarrassed that they had been watching me during the entire mishap. I thought to myself that this must be the worst thing I had ever done in my life. I had almost killed us all.

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