Dream of: 31 July 1995 "Muddy Water"

Symmes Creek is an average-sized, muddy creek which flows through the Gallia County Farm. The creek flows past the Farmhouse, which sits on a hill overlooking the creek. A bridge crosses the creek right in front of the Farmhouse.

I was standing on the road just east of the bridge looking out over the creek. Only today it looked more like a lake than a creek. The creek had flooded and all the surrounding fields were covered with muddy water. Even though the road is around ten meters above the edge of the creek, the water had even risen to the edge of the road. In fact I could even touch the water and could see some debris floating right next to the road.

I looked closer at the debris and was surprised to see several small porcelain statues of dogs. I bent over to look at them more carefully. They ranged in size from around two to six centimeters in height. One was all black and appeared to have a piece chipped off, but the chip was also floating in the water. A couple were white with black spots, obviously Dalmatians. I thought that was curious because I had recently been thinking of buying a Dalmatian for a pet. And now here were these little statues. I wondered if someone from the Farmhouse had thrown them here. Deciding I would like to retrieve one of them, I bent over and fished one of the Dalmatian statues out of the water.

When I stood back up, I thought I could hear a car coming up the gravel road from the east. I also thought I could hear another one coming from the west. I would prefer not seeing anyone at the moment, especially if it were someone coming to cause me problems. But at least I wasn't unprotected: I was carrying a rifle. I thought my rifle was a 30-30, and I wondered to myself what 30-30 meant. Did it refer to the size of the bullet?

I again waited for the cars. I held my gun in different positions, wondering which would be the best way to hold it when someone came. First I just held the barrel with the butt on the ground and it standing straight up. Then I held it in my arms lying upside down. Finally I just held it in the normal manner.

As I waited for the cars and they didn't appear, I began to think they had stopped farther up the road. But now something else caught my attention. I was surprised to see a rowboat floating downstream on the creek. That was certainly an unusual sight, although I myself had wondered what it would be like to take a boat all the way downstream to the Ohio River. The boat was traveling quite fast, obviously due to the current caused by flooding. Looking closely at the boat as it speed my me, I saw a black man (perhaps in his late 30s) standing up in the middle of the boat. It looked as if he were wearing blue denim overalls.

As he disappeared through the trees downstream, I perceived that something was on the water coming upstream. Straining my eyes, I was finally able to make out four more small boats which were traveling against the current upstream. Even though the current was swift, these boats also were traveling rather fast. Unlike the first boat, all these boats had motors. Each boat was manned by one white man, all of whom appeared to be in their early 30s. As they passed me, I hesitated to say anything at first, but then I hollered out "Hi" to them. They all responded. One also hollered out that he wished he had some of the ice which was in an ice cooler sitting near me. I watched as they continued on their way up the creek.

I returned to looking out over the creek. I saw a turtle stick its head out of the water and thought how easy it would be to shoot it. But I wouldn't do that since I didn't like to shoot animals. I saw something else bobbing around in the water and finally realized it was a white plastic sack which would sometimes float to the surface and then sink.

I noticed something lying near me on the ground. It was a framed painting about a meter by a half meter in size. It took a minute for me to figure out what it portrayed. Just east of the Farmhouse is a flat area between the road and the creek. This picture depicted what that area looked like about a hundred years ago. The picture showed that at that time there had been a bustling town there, and in the center of the town was a train track with a large black engine pulling some other black cars behind it. I had heard rumors about the town although I had never seen any pictures of it. I had also heard that there had latter been a mill there along the creek. The picture was a strong contrast to what now lay there – just trees and shrubs. I wondered if any artifacts from the town still remained buried there. Perhaps it would be a good place to search with a metal detector.

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