Dream of: 30 July 1995 (2) "Plowing The Field"

I was on the farm of Altizer's father in Gallia County, Ohio, talking with Mr. Altizer. I had decided I was going to do some farming on the farm. I knew Mr. Altizer had been an excellent farmer, and I began talking with him about it.

He said the one thing he had been able to do with his life was to make things grow. I agreed with that, because he had always had an excellent farm.

I was ready to begin and I hoped it wasn't too late in the year. Hoping to start with a nearby field, I got on a tractor to head for the field. I asked Mr. Altizer what I should take to the field. At the moment the tractor only had a metal bar on the back of it, which I thought I would drag across the ground. I thought when I reached the field I would hook up the plow and plow the field; then I would hook up the disk, and disk the field.

I headed down the small road which led to the field, while Mr. Altizer and his wife walked along beside the tractor. When we reached the field, it seemed more as if the field was inside a large barn. Seeing some hay bales stacked up in the middle of the field, I asked Mr. Altizer if I should move them. At first he seemed to think I should just start plowing, but then he agreed that I needed to remove the bales of hay. I got ready to move the hay so I could plow the rest of the field.

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