Dream of: 29 July 1995 "Wrestling Matches"

I was in a building in downtown Portsmouth where I was taking part in some wrestling matches. I participated in six different matches. All my opponents were tall and thin and probably in their early 30s. All seemed non-descript. I easily defeated all six opponents.

The matches hadn't been in typical wrestling rings; they had all been in a small room which looked like a small doctor's office, including a typical doctor's examining chair in the middle of the room.

When the matches were finished, I was told that I had won $60,000 and that I could pick the money up at 9:30 a.m. the next morning. I couldn't believe it. But I didn't want to show my incredulity lest it be thought that I should not be given so much money. I concluded that the wrestling matches must have been filmed and money was made that way. Still it was hard to believe that so much money could be made from wrestling.

The following day I returned intending to wrestle new people. But I quickly saw that the new opponents would be more formidable. I was shown a picture of one of the wrestlers who seemed from India. He looked rather strange, and although I couldn't tell precisely, he seemed to be missing some part of his body.

I began wrestling and had matches with two different people. They were more difficult than the previous day, but I was able to use some moves which allowed me to win both matches. But now I could see there was more to wrestling than met the eye.

Finally I began a match with a black-haired fellow. According to the rules anything found in the room could be used in the wrestling match. I now noticed a shelf which appeared to contain instruments which a doctor might use. My opponent pulled from the shelf a long silver wire which appeared to have a needle on the end of it. I backed up. I stopped to think, uncertain how to deal with this new device.

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