Dream of: 27 July 1995 "Captives"

A woman and I were being held captives in a lodge in the woods. The man holding us had gone away and left us, but we were expecting him to return. It was very cold outside, but we had a stove with a fire in our room to keep us warm.

When I looked out the window to the snow-covered woods, I was surprised to see a man standing out there. It occurred to me he might be able to rescue us. I also saw a dog which looked as if it were freezing, and I thought I would let it into the lodge. But when I went to the door and opened it, I now discovered a group of six women coming through the woods. Since they looked as if they were lost and freezing, I invited them inside. Their faces looked frozen, perhaps with frostbite. I also noticed two men outside, but they didn't come in.

The door through which the women entered led into a long hallway with doors all along it, such as in a hotel. As we walked down the hall, we passed a room with a man standing in the door. He appeared to be a guest at the lodge. I noticed he had taken an maroon, oriental rug out of his room and put it in the hall, apparently to be cleaned. That seemed strange to me. But what seemed stranger, was when we reached my room, there was also a similar rug in the hall which appeared to have been taken from my room. I wondered who could have done that.

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