Dream of: 26 July 1995 "The Auction"

My family was having an auction on the Gallia County Farm. It appeared that we were selling most, if not all, of the personal property which was on the Farm. I knew there was a tractor in the loafing shed which would be sold. And I knew the milkhouse was stacked up with things which I needed to sort out to be sold.

It had been raining two hours before the sale, and I thought we might have to postpone it. But as the time for the sale approached, it cleared up, and I saw five or six cars coming in a row down the road. Gradually more and more people began showing up, and it seemed clear that the auction would proceed.

I walked back to the loafing shed and heard someone saw "Hi" to me. The person quickly turned away and headed somewhere else. I saw that the person had looked to be about 20 years old and had had a long red pony tail braided in back. I recalled that Altizer, whom I had first met in the fourth grade and who still lived in the area, had red hair, and I thought it might be him. But I couldn't tell if the person had been a man or a woman, so I was unsure who it was.

I decided to walk up to the Farmhouse, which sits on a small hill above the other buildings. I followed some other people up the hill. One had long blond hair which came almost all the way to the ground. This person was also about 20 years old, but since I was behind the person, again I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman.

Once I reached the House I didn't stay long. People were there putting things in boxes and arranging them. I decided to go back down to the milkhouse to get the stuff there ready to sell. Once I was in the milkhouse I began sorting through some boxes which were in an old refrigerator.

The auction finally started. First the things were sold in the house, and then the sale moved down to the milkhouse where I was. As the sale proceeded, I noticed some old comic books being sold. There was a stack of about 70. I saw some Spider-Man and Fantastic Four among them. The auctioneer picked up one comic book which had a picture of Mickey Mouse on a pale blue background. The comic book was in excellent condition and appeared to be a collector's item. Someone said they had never seen a Mickey Mouse comic that old.

The auctioneer started to sell the comics as a group, but then changed it to sell the comics individually. I thought that was a mistake and that he could have gotten more out of them as a group. Obviously we hadn't gotten a very smart auctioneer. I heard him complain that he hadn't had enough time to properly prepare for the auction.

The auctioneer then decided not to sell any of the comics right then, but to come back to them later. I meanwhile continued trying to put things together to be sold. I found a nice cedar box which I wanted to keep, along with some other things, and I put them over to the side.

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