Dream of: 22 July 1995 "The Beginning Of The End"

I was living in a room on the ground floor of a rooming house in a large old, frame house which had probably 15 rooms. As I sat in my room, I heard a loud bang which sounded like thunder outside. At first I was going to simply ignore it, but finally I stood and walked out into the hallway. I walked over to the front door which led to the front porch, and saw that someone had broken the frame on the door; three nails were sticking out of the wood where the frame had been broken.

From where I stood I could see up a stairwell to the second floor, and there I saw some people sitting on the stair banister. I hollered up to them and told them somebody had broken the door. One thin brown-haired fellow (probably in his 20s) haughtily admitted he had done it. I pulled out a small gun which was only about two centimeters long, pointed it at the man, and told him to come downstairs. When he refused, I saw that this was going to be a more difficult matter than I had anticipated.

I hollered to him that if he didn't come down, I was going to call the police. Still he refused. Noticing that the door to a neighboring woman's apartment was open right in front of me, I thought I might dash in there, quickly call 911 and request that the police come. I rushed into the apartment, but before I could call, I heard someone coming down the stairs, and I hurried back out into the hall. There I saw some people had already gone through the front door and were on the porch. I thought I recognized one of them as the fellow who had admitted breaking the door. Reaching the front door, I hollered for them to stop, but they refused. I pointed my gun toward the fellow who I thought had broken the door and I fired.

I could see the bullet as it traveled through the air and hit the man on the left side of his back. When he fell to the ground, I ran up to him only to make an alarming discover: it wasn't the man who had broken the door, but his brother, who resembled him.

I realized now that I had become much too involved in the broken door. Now people would have a grudge against me and cause me problems. I was probably going to end up moving somewhere else. I also knew if anyone else threatened me I might have a problem because I didn't have many bullets left in my gun – perhaps just one.

A crowd quickly gathered on the porch, and when I looked up, I saw an eerie-looking woman come onto the porch through the front door. Her face and hands were white. She was tall and thin with black hair. She resembled the Reverend Mother Mohiam (the character played by Sian Phillips in the movie Dune). I had heard about this woman before, and I dreaded her. I knew she lived in one of the upper rooms of the house. I didn't want her near me and I especially didn't want her to touch me.

But she wasn't the only one I dreaded. Now another being appeared in the door, and he appeared to be floating, not touching the ground. He was an obese man whose skin was light blue. He resembled a Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (the character played by Kenneth McMillan in the movie Dune). Someone referred to him as "the big blue thing." I also knew he was to be feared and avoided.

After the blue man floated out onto the porch, another figure appeared in the door: a gray-haired gentleman probably about 60 years old who almost exactly resembled the actor Eddie Arnold. He was immaculately dressed in an old-fashioned, black suit and black hat, with a string tie. Although I brandished my weapon (which I referred to as a .36 caliber, although I actually thought it was a .38 caliber) he was undaunted and wasted no time. He stepped on the porch, and sensing that I was the central character in the unfolding event, began to challenge me. He then physically assaulted me and only with effort was I able to fend him away.

During the fracas I noticed another brown-haired woman (probably in her late 30s) had walked from inside out onto the porch. She didn't stop but simply kept walking. She resembled Jennie Malloy (the character played by Stephanie Hodge in the television series "Unhappily Ever After"). I didn't know her well, but knew I liked her. Once she was off the porch, she looked back at me and said this was "the beginning of the end" for me.

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