Dream of: 21 July 1995 "Salvaging Lumber"

An elderly couple (probably in their 60s), living in the Eighth Street House in Portsmouth, were sitting on chairs out back. I had gone over to talk with them and had sat down with them. Our conversation turned to pets, and finally we talked about my grandmother Mabel and her pets. My grandmother had had a dog which recently had died and I mentioned how much she had cared for the dog. I also remembered her favorite pet, Mike, had died a while back, and I talked about how much she had loved that dog. I told the couple my grandmother would have sold everything she had to have helped that dog; she would have paid $50,000 to keep the dog alive.

As I looked around, I noticed the garage which had been behind the House had been torn down, and I commented about how much better the property now looked. On the other side of the House, however, stood some old dilapidated garages which also needed to be torn down, and I pointed them out.

Next door, behind the Gay Street House, were also a couple old buildings in bad shape; it looked as if one might have even been partially burned. Nevertheless I could still see that some of the lumber in the buildings was good, and that if the buildings were torn down, the lumber could be salvaged. Some of the boards were two by fours and some were other sizes, such as one by six. I thought I would talk to my father about tearing down the buildings and salvaging the lumber. I would need a place to store the lumber, but salvaging the lumber would be worth the effort.

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