Dream of: 17 July 1995 "Jose"

My father and I had gone to a bank in Portsmouth, where I wanted to deposit a large sum of money. Having walked up to the counter, I placed about 15 stacks of bills on the counter with the intention of depositing them. The catch was that I wanted to deposit each stack into two different accounts, with 60%  going into one account and 40% into another.

When the teller, a man probably in his 30s, began waiting on me, I told him what I wanted to do. Although other people were waiting in line behind me and my transaction was obviously going to take some time, the teller didn't seem to mind and he picked up a stack of the bills. I intended to let him count the money in each stack and determine how much was going to go to each account; but I also intended to calculate the amounts with a calculator which I had. However, I soon discovered that my calculator wasn't functioning properly and I had to abandon the effort. I couldn't seem to find the multiplication key.

As my transaction continued apace, I noticed Ramo standing next to me on my right. I hadn't seen Ramo in a long time and was happy to run into him. As we began talking, I realized Ramo thought the money I was depositing was drug money. I quickly set him straight that the money hadn't come from drugs. However I told him that I secretly longed to be in the business of dealing drugs and that I thought I would enjoy doing that more than anything else. He agreed with me and said he felt the same way. It immediately occurred to me that it might be possible for Ramo and me to go into business together dealing drugs.

Ramo pointed to a newspaper lying on the counter. He showed me an article on the front page about a drug called "Jose" which was being made from lettuce. I had already heard about the drug and now realized it was something I needed to investigate further. Perhaps here was a drug that Ramo and I could begin to investigate for sale.

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