Dream of: 14 July 1995 "Tightwire"

I found myself lying under the covers in a bed which was either in Walls' house or in a place where Walls was staying. When I looked up, I saw that a woman who was Walls' wife had walked up to the side of the bed and had begun talking to me. She explained that she was having financial problems, and she didn't even have the money to pay her utility bills. Knowing that I was financially stable, she offered to give me a couple "hand jobs" every month if I would pay her utility bills for her. Somewhat taken aback by her rather abrupt offer, I declined, and she walked from the room.

As soon as she left I began mulling over her proposal. I was naked under the covers and felt a bit aroused by the woman. She was, after all, very attractive. She had long black hair, was probably in her 30s, and although I didn't realize it at the time, she looked and acted like the actress Kirstie Alley.

I quickly stood from the bed, pulled on some clothes and walked into the next room where the woman was. She was sitting on a table, with her legs hanging over the side. She was wearing a black and white print dress which came to above her knees. I walked up right in front of her, moved my body between her legs, and pressed slightly against her. Our faces were just centimeters apart as I told her that I wasn't interested in a "hand job," but that we might be able to work something else out.

I had decided I would like to have sex with her on a regular basis, perhaps once a week. I thought if I had sex with her once a week I wouldn't expend myself so much that my wife would notice. In exchange for her having sex with me, I would pay her utility bills. But I wanted her to be clear that it was actually having sex with her that interested me, and not a "hand job." I could tell she was interested in my proposal.

The woman began telling me more about why she needed some help. She was going to leave Walls. When she began complaining about her dissatisfaction with him, I tried to say something good about him, but she continued that Walls hadn't been a good catch, and she said that I wouldn't marry him if I were a woman. In my mind I had to agree with her, but I didn't say so to her.

When I pressed closer to the woman, she backed away from me and walked into the next room. When I followed her I passed through a room where Walls was sleeping on a bed, and I awoke him. He groggily looked around and then went right back to sleep. I thought to myself that I needed to be more careful and not wake him up anymore.

Heading into the room where the woman was, my mind began formulating a plan so that we could meet. I would have to be very careful so that my wife wouldn't discover anything. I would be afraid to drive my own car to the woman's house and park it there. Perhaps I could take a taxi to the woman's house every week. I could tell the taxi driver what time to pick me up and what time to return for me after I was finished with the woman. But that didn't seem like a good idea because at some point the taxi driver might give evidence against me. It seemed that in the old days taxi drivers could be trusted not to tell about such things, but times had changed and one could no longer depend on taxi drivers.

As I fantasized about how the woman and I would meet and carry on our affair, it began to seem as if I were creating a story in my mind. My mind raced ahead to the end of the story, many years in the future. In my mind I could clearly see the capitol building in Washington, D.C. looming in the background. It was dark outside. In front of the capitol was a crowd of people in festive spirits. I could hear people talking about how the woman was running for congress. She had run an unorthodox campaign, and apparently it had become known that she had once had a questionable past. Many people seemed to know that the woman had a murky history, but they didn't know the details such as I did. It occurred to me that in my past I had been with many women in my life, that I had a bit of a character flaw which didn't allow me to stay away from them.

As for the woman, her past hadn't stopped her campaign, but had only given it a ribald tone. Some people commented on songs the woman had used at a previous gathering. One of the songs had been a normal campaign song, but the others hadn't. The other songs had been rather salacious, but well-received nevertheless.

Noticing that some people were looking up in the air, I also looked up, and saw that a tight wire had been stretched from the top of the capital to another building. As part of the festivity, two men who almost looked like clowns were scrambling along the wire. They looked as if they were going to fall at any minute, but they made it all the way to the building before they jumped off. One man had to jump farther than the other.


Snapping out of my reverie, I discovered that I was no longer with the woman, but instead found my wife sitting next to me. She had dark black hair and dark eyes, and was probably in her early 20s. She looked more beautiful than usual and I found myself more aroused than usual by her presence.

In her hand she was holding a phone bill and examining the entries on the bill. She held the bill to where I could see it, pointed to one of the entries and asked suspiciously, "Who's that?"

As I took the phone bill from her, I told her I didn't have to explain everything on the phone bill to her. Looking at the bill, I saw that my wife had been referring to a call which had been made to a company called "Guns 'N Such." At first I had been afraid that the bill might have something to do with the other woman, but now I saw that it had nothing to do with her. Everything on the bill was quite innocent. Actually I recalled that I had made a call to "Guns 'N Such" to contact a witness for a legal case on which I had been working. It had been a perfectly legitimate call and I knew I could easily explain it. In fact the telephone bill had nothing incriminating on it. But I thought to myself that I needed to be careful of the telephone bill in the future.

As I turned back to my wife, we were so close that our cheeks touched. Although we hadn't been getting along well lately, I could feel myself becoming very aroused by her presence, and I knew she was becoming aroused also.

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