Dream of: 08 July 1995 "Ship Captain"

I was on board a large cruise ship on which my father was the captain. As we sailed along northern Africa in the area of Egypt, my father announced he was thinking of taking a detour unto an unusual route. On a map he showed me a series of interconnecting waterways which began on the coast of northwestern Italy and stretched north through eastern Europe in a loop, ending in the Black Sea. My father said this loop was called the "Fertile Crescent."

I was fascinated when I saw how the series of rivers connected together to make it possible to sail around the loop, and I thought that sailing through the area would be a great adventure. However we had one problem. The pilot of the ship said he would refuse to pilot the ship over the waterways. I didn't completely understand his refusal, but apparently he thought that the waterways were too shallow in some parts and that the ship would run aground.

My father seemed taken aback by the pilot's refusal. I spoke with my father and told him that the pilot was my father's "subordinate" and that my father could order him to go. When I used the word "subordinate" I struggled trying to think of a better word that would more clearly show my father as the "superior," but "subordinate" was the only word I could think of.

My father hesitated at first, but then he appeared to agree with me. As he prepared to give the pilot the order, I began looking at the map to see where we would begin. It looked as if we would start in the area of Venice (which I identified as Vienna). From there we would enter a river called the Dneiper, which I looked for on the map.

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