Dream of: 05 July 1995 "Picking A Church"

superstitous myths

often hold wisdom and truth

like the voices of angels

I had returned to my father's Gay Street House in Portsmounth, Ohio to live with my father for a while. With me I was carrying a large red bicycle for which I had a strong attachment. I was carrying the bike because I had wrecked it and had caused serious damage to it. Hoping I would now be able to repair it, I thought my father might help me.

When I sat down in the living room where my father was, I saw my sister's sons, David and Steven. David looked about 14 and Steven looked about 12 years old. I noticed they had stuck something into the bottom of the cabinet built into the wall of the room. I asked them about it and I was informed that they had an iguana. This news interested me because I myself had recently been thinking about the possibility of trying to raise iguanas, even though I had never even actually held one.

After obtaining their permission to hold the iguana, I walked over to the cabinet, opened the door and pulled it out. I asked them if the iguana would bite, and someone said no, but that it did spit tobacco. Once I had the iguana in my hand, I saw that it was over 30 centimeters long, and that it seemed quite strong. After I managed to raise its head up to my face, I had to force it down, not wanting it to be in a position where it could spit on me. It was a light yellow-greenish color and its skin felt soft and leathery. I enjoyed holding it, but I wondered whether it was lonely living alone there in the House and being handled so much by David and Steven. I wondered if it needed another iguana with which to play.

After I put the iguana back into the cabinet, I told my father I was going to Tracy Park (about two blocks away) to try to fix my bike. I had the feeling David and Steven wanted to go with me and I didn't see any problem with that.

Before I left, my father reminded me that since I would be staying there, I would need to pick a church to attend on Sundays. I knew I would have to go to church, even though I didn't believe in Christianity. I told my father the denomination of the church didn't make any difference to me because I generally found church people to be quite "stultifying." I consciously used the word "stultifying" to display my vocabulary, which I thought would be in stark contrast to the small vocabulary of people who went to church.

I also thought I might not have to go to church if I spent the weekends on the Gallia County Farm, where I would rather be.

My father mentioned that my "birth day" was coming up. He said the words "birth day" as if they were two words. He asked me what I wanted and I told him that simply having my bike repaired would be sufficient. He nodded as if to say having the bike repaired would be more than sufficient since it was in pretty bad shape.

Dream Commentary of January 28, 2015

Just as members of churches often hold fiercely to stultifying beliefs, so do members of the Dream Journal sometimes hold to their superstitious beliefs. In terms of freedom of thought, however, there is little comparision between churches and the Dream Journal.

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