Dream of: 04 July 1995 "Baptism In Church"

enter heaven's gate

feel god's strength within you grow

once you find your way

I was thinking of returning to college to study science, but I had a definite problem: I had never graduated from high school, and graduating from high school was a prerequisite to attending college. For many years I had concealed the truth and no one had suspected that I had never earned a high school diploma. By sleight I had even managed to attend law school without first finishing high school.

Now what I had always feared had caught up with me: I needed to return to college, and the first thing I would be requested to produce was proof of my completion of high school. How was I going to accomplish it?

I was sitting in the front row of a church, looking at a church functionary standing in front of me. The rest of the congregation, seated behind me, suddenly broke out into song: "How Great Thou Art." I felt a special affinity to this particular song, and snippets of it passed through my mind. "Oh mighty God when I behold the wonder ...."

Next to me stood a table with about a dozen strands of blond hair lying on it. The hairs seemed arranged to spell a word. As the singing continued, the church official standing in front of me lifted the hairs one by one. As I in turn opened my lips, he scrupulously dropped the hairs into my gaping mouth. I knew by completing this ceremony that I was being baptized.

I felt somewhat guilty, however, about my motives for being baptized. I had realized if I would undergo this baptism, I would be able to continue my education, even without a high school diploma. Being baptized was a way of obtaining permission to study in college without the diploma.

As the last hairs were placed into my mouth, it didn't seem proper to me that the church and school should be so intimately connected, and just as the ceremony was completed, a realization came to me: I was not doing anything improper for which I needed to feel guilty. The baptism was independent of school, and I had done nothing wrong by being baptized. There was no reason why I shouldn't be baptized, even if I hadn't completed high school. As I swallowed the last hairs, I heard the congregation blare out the final words of the song, "Oh mighty God, how great thou art."

Commentary of January 26, 2016

The "church" in this dream seems to represent a portal to heaven.

I  have a similar feeling about the Dream Journal - that it may be a portal to heaven.

Yet another similarity between the Dream Journal and a church.

Let your spirit be taught!

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