Dream of: 01 July 1995 "Patriot, Ohio"

As I was sitting in the living room of House in Patriot, my first cousin Alan (about 30 years old) walked in. He said he had heard I was going to become an engineer. Either my father or my mother had told him that; it was just like them to jump to a such a conclusion. Actually I had no intention of becoming an engineer; I had simply mentioned to my parents that I was intending to study mathematics. But I was only intending to pursue such a study because I enjoyed mathematics, not because I intended to do anything practical with it, such as become an engineer.

Still, as I stood and walked outside, I thought there might be some practical use I could make out the study of mathematics. Looking out at the white frame houses in Patriot, I thought how relatively easy it would be, especially with some mathematical knowledge, to construct a house similar to these. In my mind I could quickly envision a general idea of the plans, which seemed rather simple to put together. I could quickly build a small house here, and just have it to use occasionally when I wanted.

As I contemplated, a car raced past me on the street. It was a neat-looking little hot rod which I thought must be owned by someone nearby. As it sped back and forth along the street several times, I began thinking I might also want to build myself a hot rod. As I thought about it and began imagining the hot rod in my mind, my thoughts became so vivid I actually found myself sitting in the hot rod of my imagination. It was a small affair with no roof or doors, and only a roll bar over my head, but it felt quite comfortable.

I drove down to the lower end of the sloping main street which passed through Patriot. I turned around to head back up the hill, paused for a moment and saw the other hot rod disappear around a corner. I thought if he came back we might have a race up the hill. But when I didn't see him return, I began moving alone back up the hill. It was just as well that the other hot rod hadn't returned because my car was very slow in starting out. But it did pick up speed once it got going, and I could feel myself accelerating as I moved up the hill.

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