Dream of: 29 June 1995 "In A Daze"

I was with some other members of my family, riding in a car on Coles Boulevard in Portsmouth, when I noticed Haim walking down the street. We pulled the car up close to Haim and I opened the door. When I greeted Haim, he seemed in a bit of a daze and I was unsure he recognized me. As he listened, I told him that I was glad to see him and that I had been living in Portsmouth for the past 15 years, approximately the time since I had last seen him. I thought he would be surprised to hear I had ended up in Portsmouth; but when he seemed unfazed by anything I said, I laughed and told him that I had been fooling, that I had just come to Portsmouth the previous night and that I actually lived in Dallas.

I invited Haim to get in the car with us. He seemed reluctant but when I insisted, he acquiesced and got in. Once he was inside I realized he hadn't yet called me by name, and it occurred to me he had forgotten my name. When I told him my name was Steve Collier, I sensed he felt a bit relieved that he now knew who I was.

As we began driving around again, I asked him about Guam, where I knew he had gone after law school. He said something about there being a lot of opportunity in Guam because it was so close to Asia.


Haim, my brother Chris, Walls and I were sitting on the east side of the 29th Street House. I asked both Haim and Walls if they had any marijuana, and both said they did. I asked Chris if he wanted to smoke some. He seemed to hesitate, but I thought he would smoke. I thought it didn't matter if he smoked because even though he now appeared healthy, he would die soon anyway. He looked as if he were 12-13 years old.

Just as we were about to begin smoking, a woman came out of the neighbor's house and began screaming at us. As we began walking to the other side of the 29th Street House to get away from the woman, I could see into her house. I saw a nice library inside, and I thought I might try to do some damage later to the library because the woman had acted that way.

Once we had moved to the west side of the House we sat down and got ready to smoke, Haim seemed to become more animated. As we were about to begin, we realized we had dropped some of the pot when we had moved from one side of the House to the other, but Haim still had enough to smoke. I lit a joint and began smoking it from the end where the fire was. I waited, but I didn't feel any effects.

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