Dream of: 28 June 1995 "Useful Maps"

Carolina and I were standing at a counter in a warehouse where men's suits were made. I was contemplating buying a new suit and asked a man behind the counter for some information. He handed me a catalog which contained different colors. I concluded that a person simply picked out the color of the suit and that the suit would be made in that color.

I was now concerned about the price. The man began explaining in a rather garbled way that a single suit cost around $179. But two suits costs less per suit, and if a person bought six suits, the price fell to $109 per suit.

I noticed some other customers had crowded in near to me and were listening to the man's explanation of the prices. Apparently the other customers were also interested in the prices but had been too timid to ask and were simply listening to the answers given to my questions.

Deciding to go ahead and order six suits, I looked through the catalog and quickly picked out the colors I wanted. The man behind the counter seemed impatient to get back to something else he had been doing, so I quickly gave him my order. He said the suits would be ready in a few days, and we left.

Once we were outside on the street, Carolina began criticizing the colors which I had picked, saying they weren't colorful enough. I also had doubts about whether I had picked the right colors, but for different reasons. I thought I should have picked darker colors. I usually liked dark blue suits, and thought I should have even made one of the suits black. Instead I had picked lighter colors, and had even picked white as one of the colors. Where was I going to wear a white suit? To a wedding? And I wondered if I should have ordered so many suits right now. Perhaps I should have only ordered two to start with, to see if I liked them. I could have then ordered more later.


I was driving a car in which Carolina was sitting in the back seat and my mother was sitting in the front passenger seat. I was still thinking about whether I had made the right decision in ordering the suits. But as I drove I gestured with my right hand in my mother's direction, and she grabbed my hand and bit my little finger. She didn't bite hard enough to hurt me, but she made me angry. I was already angry with her and this gave me the excuse I needed. I stopped the car and in a rage told her I was going to walk home. She didn't seem to care and as I stepped form the car and began walking down the street, I heard the car pull away without me.

I was certainly relieved to be away from her. She had really been getting on my nerves. I saw that I was on a street in the west side of downtown Portsmouth, and that I was headed in the direction of downtown. I straightened out the collar of a dark, short-sleeved pullover shirt which I was wearing. It was nothing fancy, but I thought I looked all right.

The house where I was staying with my mother was on the outskirts of the other side of town; it would be a long walk. That didn't particularly bother me because I had all day; I might even go to a movie.


I had walked into some kind of large government office, apparently in a courthouse, obviously an office where maps could be obtained. A man was sitting at a desk, talking to someone, almost in the tone of a class lecture. He was talking about how topography maps had been made of the entire United States, and how useful the maps were in exploring the country. He seemed to think that the maps were of vital importance, and that not many people knew about them.

He also mentioned that a terrorist group was interested in the maps. In that regard, he talked about some cabins in the forest which he expected the terrorist group to burn down in the summer.

I was quite interested in obtaining some of the maps. Apparently they were available to anyone who wanted them, although few people knew about them.

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