Dream of: 16 June 1995 "Wendell Willkie"

I was questioning the value of my current job. I was currently taking care of Wendell Willkie, attending to his dress and personal hygiene. As I combed his light brown hair, I wondered to myself whether this was a dignified occupation for me. I felt like quitting, yet at the same time realized I was fortunate to be so close to a man like Willkie.

Who was Willkie? I knew he had run for president and been defeated, but I couldn't remember against whom he had run. I thought he had probably either run against president Harry Truman or Franklin Roosevelt. Then I remembered the famous picture of a smiling Truman holding up the newspaper with the headlines "Dewey defeats Truman," and I realized Thomas Dewey had run against Truman in 1948. So Willkie must have run against Roosevelt, probably in the previous election of 1944.

Yes, even though the prestige of my present position was somewhat questionable, I would continue working with Willkie. This was an opportunity to be near a great man, and I could afford to demean myself somewhat for now. As I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I looked tall, thin and strong. My eyes were shaded with dark sunglasses. I continued working on Willie's hair, preparing him for a parade which was to take place later today.

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