Dream of: 15 June 1995 "Escape"

Carolina and I were listening to a radio broadcast of a movie. Although I didn't have a screen at which to look, I was able to visualize the scenes of the movie in my mind almost as well as if I were actually watching it. However, the plot of the movie was quite complicated, and I had difficulty understanding it.

Two men were the main actors in the movie. One of the men was played by Gene Hackman, and the other man was an actor whom I knew had played with Hackman in other movies. The men were antagonists in the movie, but I kept getting them confused so that as the action progressed, I would visualize Hackman playing the role of the first man, and then of the second man.

The story was about a man who worked as some kind of law enforcement officer, probably a detective. He wasn't married, but he had two attractive, black-haired daughters (in their early 20s). While he was working on a case, one of his daughters had been killed, and he felt responsible for the death, although it was unclear whether he actually was responsible.

His nemesis, the second man, also worked for the police force. After the daughter's death, while the first man was so distraught, the nemesis was able to conspire against the first man so that the first man was given a lower job and reduced to working in a small office instead of actually investigating cases.

The first man also became estranged from his second daughter, who apparently began living on the streets. She had a boyfriend (about 30 years old) who also appeared to live on the streets. But as the story continued, it became clear that the second daughter and her boyfriend were no longer living on the streets, that they had succeeded and were living productive lives. Both had doctorate degrees and lived in very nice homes. I was even able to see the place where the boyfriend lived as if I were watching a scene on a movie. The camera began in a large, well-furnished, modern bedroom where black and white hues prevailed. The camera continued out into the large, tasteful living room.

Although the second daughter was living well, she had never re-established her relationship with her father, the first man. He was still living in his benumbed state, and there seemed to be some question of his psychological well-being. In one scene, he was seen with a pretty blonde-haired woman about his age. But then the woman changed into his black-haired daughter, then back and forth. It happened so quickly, I wondered whether I had mistaken what I had seen and I asked Carolina about it. Carolina told me that the blonde-haired woman was a girlfriend of the man, but the black-haired daughter was the first daughter who had been killed, and the scene was simply showing the internal, confused thoughts of the man thinking about his dead daughter. I realized I had already completely forgotten about the first daughter, but now that Carolina explained the scene to me, it made sense.

Meanwhile, the second man was plotting against the first man. The second man arranged for the first man to have to go on an assignment outside of the office.

The new scene opened with the first man and an assistant – a young man (about 20 years old) – showing up at night at a city park densely filled with trees. They were carrying seven or eight tripods which they were supposed to set up for use with cameras to do some surveillance. The first man was also supposed to go to a certain spot in the park at a certain time where he was supposed to meet someone.

However he realized it was a set-up, and that he would probably be killed. He also realized the person he was supposed to meet was his living daughter, and that she would also be killed. This realization, however, seemed to bring him back to life, and he regained his old abilities and acumen. He laid all his tripods on the ground and began surveying the area and the situation. He began thinking of how he was going to thwart the plan against him, save his daughter, and reunite with her.

As the tension began to mount, I was anxious to witness the outcome. I was uncertain he would be successful, but I hoped he would be able to meet his daughter and escape.

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