Dream of: 07 June 1995 "Black Hole"

Carolina and I were standing in a small, white, metal building, and I was looking out a hole on one side. Outside I could see several men on tractors and farming equipment stationed on a small dirt road. I thought the building might be on the land of men, and I didn't want them to see me, lest they accuse me of trespassing. I, however, could see them quite clearly, and even though they were looking right at the building, knew they couldn't see me through the tiny hole.

Finally all the tractors were started and the men proceeded down the road. After they were out of sight, Carolina and I also began moving down the road, transporting the building with us. It was my intention to dispose of the building as soon as possible, and to continue on foot. As we approached the outskirts of a small town, I saw a parking lot where I thought I might be able to leave the building. By now I had crushed the building into a manageable size, and I pulled it up to an empty parking spot where I intended to leave it. However I became concerned when I noticed a policeman standing in the parking lot. As he approached me I quickly invented a story in my mind to tell him. I would say that the building belonged to another person, whom I would identify as "Number 44." When the policeman walked up to me and I told him Number 44 would soon come to pick up the building, he seemed satisfied and left us alone.

I turned to survey the surroundings. I knew Carolina and I were on a long journey and were traveling through many places where we had never been before. I didn't know exactly where we were now, but knew we were far from anyone I knew. That was why I was surprised when I heard someone call out "Steve."

I looked and near me saw a woman who again repeated my name. She was probably in her early 20s, quite pretty, with frizzy brown hair. I didn't recognize her at first, but slowly began to think that her name was Sherry, and that she was a girl I had dated once or twice many years ago. She was extremely friendly and helpful, and I explained to her a little of our situation, how we were traveling and had lost our bearings.

I realized I hadn't introduced her to Carolina. I felt a little awkward telling her that Carolina was my wife, since I thought the woman might still have some feelings for me. But the main problem was that I couldn't remember Carolina's name. It seemed a little strange to me that I couldn't remember the name of my own wife, but I was simply drawing a blank. Finally, however, I recalled that her name was Carolina, and I said, "This is my wife Carolina."

Off to the side, Carolina wanted to know who the woman was. I told her that I had once "boinked" the woman. By that I meant that I had had sex once with the woman.

Turning back to the woman, I explained that Carolina and I simply wanted to pass through this small town and move to the west. But then I said it was also possible that we could move to the east. The woman led us over to white wall which had some rectangular windows in it. I looked through the wall in the direction where we intended to travel, and was amazed by what I saw. Towering near the village was a row of some of the tallest mountains I had ever seen. They were dark brown color with patches of snow and ice all over them. Large hunks of ice hung from the tops of the mountains. The sight of them overwhelmed me. I turned to the woman and asked if there was a way to pass them.

She laughed as if I were being absurd. Could I not see that the mountains were impenetrable? I explained that I was asking if there might be a pass through the mountains. She replied there was no pass. I asked her what the mountains were called and she said I was looking at the "Black Hole." She said she had once written me about the Black Hole and described it to me. I vaguely seemed to remember such a letter, but these mountains weren't what I had envisioned as a black hole. However, my main concern now was to determine how to get out of this village and which direction to go.

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