Dream of: 04 June 1995 "Philosophical Method"

I was sitting in a philosophy class being taught by a man (probably in his late 40s). I was completely absorbed by the lecture, and felt as if I were really learning something. I was sitting near the front, and when the professor asked a question, I raised my hand to answer. When he called on me, in answer to his question, I explained that two categories could be set up – the physical and the non-physical. I was also thinking that these categories would apply to the living and the dead.

The professor quickly took my answer and began dissecting it. I immediately realized I had made a mistake, and retracted my answer. However, I didn't feel foolish for having given the wrong answer. Instead I felt as if I had learned something. I also was thinking that I would like to tell the professor how impressed I was with his teaching, and what an impact he was having on me.

When class was over I continued thinking about philosophy. I enjoyed it so much, I thought perhaps I should go back to school and study it. Maybe someday I could become a philosophy professor. I couldn't think of anything I would enjoy more. I would have to go back and begin by reading the early philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. Then I would work my way forward. I realized the subject of philosophy was rather vague. But I thought I would concentrate on "method." It seemed that the first thing I needed to develop was a philosophical "method," even though I was unsure exactly what that meant.

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