Dream of: 02 June 1995 "Ice Tunnel"

I was in the front seat of a car which my father was driving. Two other people were sitting in the back seat. I was looking at a map, trying to determine exactly where we were. The upper half of the map had lines for roads – small black dots indicated populated areas. The bottom half was just white, which indicated to me that the area was mountainous without people or roads. I did see one group of black dots close to the white area and thought it must be a town nestled in the mountains. I thought it would be very pretty there – a nice place to live. Looking closer at the map, I also saw some light red and gray lines which appeared to go over the mountains. I thought they must be small roads and would be difficult to drive on. Nevertheless I thought it would be worthwhile to try to find the roads and cross the mountains.

As we rode along, I finally realized we were already fairly high in the mountains. My father was no longer driving on a road, but on what looked like a field winding through the mountains. The terrain was uneven, and even began to be overgrown with brush. My father finally stopped the car and we all stepped out to see if we could figure out where we were.

I walked ahead of the others until I reached a ridge from which I could look out over a valley below. I was astonished by what I saw. There, not far away, was a magnificent city with tall modern buildings. It was a beautiful sight. I turned and ran back to the others to tell them to come and see.

But when I got to where they were, I discovered something else: a bench which seemed to be sitting out in the middle of nowhere. Looking at it more closely, I saw that it was a seat from a ski lift which had been taken off the lift and set up here. Nearby were some buildings which appeared to be from an abandoned ski lift. Looking farther, I saw some small buildings on the side of the mountain near the ski lift; some people were in them. Some of the people began coming out of the buildings, and it looked as if they had come here just to spend a few days to get away from everything.

I hollered to my father that I wanted him to come to where I was to see the sight. But realizing I was already farther away than he might want to walk, I thought maybe it would be better if I went back and got the car and took him to the sight. Just as I decided to do that, I noticed some kind of lift actually functioning here – it had stopped right next to me. Thinking it was going in the direction of the car, I hopped on.

Once inside the lift, I saw I was on what looked like a very large, white elevator. One other man (perhaps 30 years old) was also inside. He had black hair and was clearly a foreigner. When the lift began moving, I opened up a door near me, thinking I would have a better view. The man hollered at me not to open it; but it was too late. To my surprise, I saw that the lift was going down the side of the mountain, and that it was headed down on the side where I had opened the door. Since I was standing right next to the door, I had to hang on desperately to keep from falling out. I thought if I fell out, I would be crushed by the lift rolling over top of me.

As the lift kept going farther and farther down the mountain, I worried that I wouldn't be able to get back up to my father and the others. I didn't know what I was going to do. Finally the lift came to a stop and I quickly hopped out, but seeing that the other fellow hadn't gotten out, I wondered whether I had made a mistake. The lift moved on and I looked around me.

What I saw wasn't comforting. I was in a rectangular tunnel made of ice and snow. I saw no way out – only the tunnel going up and down. I couldn't understand why the lift would have stopped here in the tunnel in the middle of nowhere. But then I noticed something peculiar. Close to me was a small opening which looked as if it might lead somewhere. That only made sense to me. Surely the lift must have stopped here for a reason. However the opening was so small, I doubted I could fit in it. It was shaped like a rectangle, about 60 centimeters high and about 20 centimeters wide. Although it looked small, I didn't see any other alternative, and I began trying to squeeze into it.

Once I had almost my whole body inside, I began to realize that this was a dangerous situation. What a terrible way to die, stuck here in this little ice tunnel! I seemed to recall having once seen a movie like this. But I was already inside now, and I didn't see much choice but to try to forge ahead. I thought I could see a bend in the tunnel ahead of me, and I hoped that something would be on the other side of the bend.

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